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Posted: 11/1/2004 6:47:23 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2004 6:49:51 PM EST by The_Sgt_Rock]
John Kerry and other Democrats charge that Iraq is "Americas Next Vietnam". They peddle the opinion that America is a divided country, that American troops are dying needlessly on foreign soil, all the while big business reaps the windfall of enormous profits. Yes, the Democrats will attempt to use the Iraq conflict to undermine support for George Bush. But the hypocrisy of these accusations cause me pause, then outrage.

If memory serves me right, the initial build up in Vietnam actually began under a Democratic president, John F. Kennedy (who allegedly manipulated the awarding of TFX fighter contracts as one the means to win the election). JFK marked the beginning of Americas serious involvement in Vietnam and Lydon Johnson (another Democrat) raised those stakes by committing even more troops and material. But the policies of JFK and LBJ restricted American troops to a 'police action' and refused to allow an invasion of North Vietnam. Politicians directed a generals war from the White House without ever making a serious attempt to win the war. Their fears of widening the conflict resulted in a stalemate strategy and only condemned more Americans to death for what was becoming a lost cause. In the end, their indecisiveness and inept leadership resulted in the loss of over 58,000 American lives. If we weren’t there to win the war, than why were we there at all?

So where does John Kerry get off comparing Vietnam to Iraq? Under George Bush, the American military took control of Iraq much quicker and with far less casualties than the experts had thought possible. George Bush showed a decisiveness towards Iraq which saved lives, far different than what the Democratic leadership provided to America while she was embroiled in Vietnam. And this same weakness was portrayed more recently by another Democratic president, Bill Clinton. President Clinton sat on Iraq for eight years and ignored all warning signs while Americas enemies plotted her fate. Clinton’s attempts to avoid military confrontation sent the signal that America was weak and only invited attack. George Bush understood the serious flaws of that approach and has put America on the offensive. This approach has not resulted in America having more enemies across the globe. To the contrary, it has sent the message to America’s committed enemies that we bringing the war to you instead.

So I must ask you Mr. Kerry.....you jackass. If you are so offended by what took place in Vietnam, than why have you joined the very political party that was so negligent in their execution of the Vietnam War? Your lack of discernment is concerning and as such....you are unfit to command!

God Bless George Bush.
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