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Posted: 10/26/2004 1:25:39 PM EDT

Carl Quitmeyer

The politically correct “Big Lie” actively promoted by the media these days, and even heard recently on the Fox “O’Reilly Factor,” is that the United States should not have been in Vietnam, that it was a regional war and no threat to the United States, and that John Kerry is a patriot. How outrageous! How wrong! How terribly dangerous!

Five consecutive U.S. Presidents and the U.S. Congress were convinced that the Communist invasion of South Vietnam was not a “war of liberation” or a civil war by any stretch of the imagination. The wanton acts of murdering village chiefs, doctors, teachers, looting and then burning schools and hospitals, and waging ruthless terror and kidnapping against the whole population of South Vietnam, men, women and children by the thousands upon thousands, were acts of brutal aggression, not acts by countrymen seeking to “unify.” They represented another instance in a twenty-year pattern of brutal military conquests throughout the world by an evil empire that, if measures by the number of people murdered, was between ten and twenty times more vile than Nazi Germany. These atrocities were occurring long before we sent our military over there.

The objective of our military effort in South Vietnam was to oppose these acts of aggression against a country we were treaty-bound to defend. If the evil empire had stopped the killing and terrorism, we would not have been there.

Vietnam was a noble and honorable cause, every bit as noble and honorable as any war America has fought, and the military personnel engaged in the effort were every bit as heroic, noble and honorable as those who stormed the beaches of Normandy or the islands in the Pacific in World War II, or who had just recently engaged this same new evil empire in Korea.

In spite of the incompetence of Secretary of Defense McNamara and the ineptitude of President Johnson who retained him, our military was on the threshold of victory when it was forced to withdraw. Although military victory was at hand, the gallant effort of those who served and the 58,000 who died went for naught. Tragically, the United States thus failed abysmally in achieving its objectives and, as anticipated with no U.S. opposition, the slaughter of millions, the additional millions of refugees, and the subjugation of millions more commenced immediately and continued unabated. Global Communism won, although their victory was not the result of their own efforts alone. They won because a multitude of misguided and disgraceful Americans here at home formed an alliance with this enemy to assist them in achieving their goals and defeating ours.

Unfortunately, our enemy today is neither stupid nor obstructed by our media’s lies. They can evaluate the true history of Vietnam. They can independently judge what we did in Vietnam and how we lost the war. They can observe the similarities of what is happening today to what happened then. They know they will win. They know that, if they can sustain their terror long enough, the American public will become impatient, tired of the deaths and cost, eager to offer concessions, anxious for appeasement and willing to accept defeat. What a stimulus this is to the terrorists’ determination and resolve, and the perpetuation of the war! To win, all they need to do is hang in there.

It is imperative that we win. If our enemies win, millions of deaths will occur here at home and not on the other side of the world as happened then. To prevent this, America must learn the lessons of Vietnam. More importantly, our enemies must come to realize that we have finally learned the lessons of Vietnam, that we now understand our past mistakes and vow that they will never happen again. Our enemies of today must come to realize that they will not win again as our enemies of yesterday did in Vietnam.

To learn these lessons, we must revisit Vietnam to reexamine the decisions, the global environment that preceded and influenced the decisions, and the events that followed. Only by ascertaining the truth can we, once and for all, refute and dispel the lies that the media has so firmly imbedded in the beliefs that currently influence our national behavior.

Our country is still, currently, stripping the citizenship from and deporting U.S. citizens who acted as perimeter guards at Nazi concentration camps sixty years ago. The courts have ruled that it was not necessary to find these former perimeter guards guilty of personally committing atrocities or acts of persecution against camp inhabitants. The courts ruled that, by serving as a camp guard, the consequences of preventing prisoner escape was sufficient to constitute assistance in the persecution conducted inside the camp. Thus, the perimeter guards shared in the guilt of such persecution.

During Vietnam hostilities, Kerry and associates volunteered and participated actively as Southeast Asian “camp guards.” Through the success of their protest actions, they brought our military effort to its knees and prevented millions of Southeast Asian citizens from escaping the subsequent horrific crimes carried out against them. Through their success as “camp guards,” they assisted in the subsequent brutal murder of three million Cambodians. None of these crimes would have occurred without the direct, successful efforts of Kerry and associates. Even more egregious, Kerry willingly admitted to committing atrocities himself, he contributed significantly to increase the torture that our POWs had to endure, and he traveled to Paris to personally meet with representatives of America’s enemy to discuss strategies for our defeat.

The disparity between these two cases is absolutely incredible! On the one hand, we have an individual with lesser guilt, for actions taken sixty years ago, stripped of his citizenship and deported from the United States. On the other hand, we have another individual with much greater and more recent guilt being nominated to become President of the United States and Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces.

To fully appreciate the consequences of Kerry’s actions, it is appropriate to contemplate the enormity of executing 3 million Cambodians. Such a number is huge and hard to comprehend, but our current football season may help. Try to visualize an NFL or major college football stadium with 60,000 seats, filled to capacity. Now, as these 60,000 fans individually depart the stadium, it will be your responsibility to shoot every person in the head or, to save ammunition, stick a knife into their throat or hit them in the back of the head with an axe. When you’re done with murdering all 60,000 in this manner, shove their bodies into a ditch.

But you’re not done yet. Now repeat this process for a total of 50 times. When you’re finally done with murdering the 60,000 fans in each of 50 stadiums, you will have reached 3 million. This is exactly the extent of the tragedy and the manner of death that befell the innocent people of Cambodia after U.S. forces departed. That’s the number of people who would still be alive, except for the despicable actions of Kerry and associates. Dwell on this atrocity every time you think of Kerry.

Kerry is NOT a patriot. The sequence of events is fundamental in this regard. If Kerry had protested first and then, with a change of conscience, went to fight honorably, it would be appropriate to honor his service and not consider him to be a traitor. However, with the sequence as it actually occurred, the impression of him must be otherwise. To be consistent in our system of justice, Kerry should also lose his citizenship and be deported just as we continue to do to those who were camp guards in World War II.

Instead, the disparity is disgusting and inexcusable. The prospects of Kerry becoming President of the United States and Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, thereby presuming to lead our nation in its struggle against the enemy, are just too horrible to imagine.

Carl Quitmeyer
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