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Posted: 3/27/2009 1:21:32 PM EDT
VA-ALERT: Governor Kaine vetoes a host of gun bills

––––-Original Message––––-
From: Philip Van Cleave
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 4:54 PM
Subject: VA-ALERT: Governor Kaine vetoes a host of gun bills

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Abbreviations used in VA-ALERT: http://www.vcdl.org/help/abbr.html

Governor Kaine vetoed a host of guns bills, some for things that the
bills don't even do!

He thought he knew what they did, but he clearly didn't bother to
actually read them.

This would almost be comical if it didn't affect the safety of the

Here are the bills he vetoed and his, er, logic in doing so, and my

SB 1035, Senator Hanger, repeals the restaurant ban. Governor says,
"Allowing concealed weapons into restaurants and bars that serve
alcohol puts the public, the employees, and our public safety officers
at risk. I take seriously the objections of law enforcement to this
measure." Baloney. The Governor orders the police to tell him they
think allowing permit holders to carry concealed in restaurants, even
if they don't drink, endangers the public, then he uses their coerced
statement to justify what he was going to do anyhow.

SB 877, Senator Martin, repeals the restaurant ban for retired
police. Governor Says, "While it makes sense for current law
enforcement officers to be permitted to carry their firearms when in
such establishments, there is no compelling reason for retired law
enforcement officers to have weapons in locations where alcohol is
served." Well at least the Governor is consistent in his double-
standard, that allows untrained Commonwealth Attorneys and their
deputies to carry concealed in restaurants and drink, while denying
anybody not on the government payroll the same right to protect
themselves, not matter how trustworthy they have proven themselves.

HB 1851, Delegate Lingamfelter, exempts active duty military from One
Handgun a Month. Governor says, "The new exemption would apply to
active duty service members, whether Virginia residents or not.
Because holders of valid Virginia concealed weapons permits are
already able to purchase more than one handgun per month, House Bill
1851 only extends the ability to buy more than one handgun a month to
nonresidents or those Virginians unable to obtain a concealed weapons
permit." What?!? Unable to get a permit or CHOOSE not to, Governor?
The Governor must be related to Marie Antoinette, with his "let them
eat cake" attitude toward our military. Shameful.

SB 1528, Senator Cuccinnelli, allows for Internet-based training for
CHP applicants. Governor says, "The state requires an applicant for a
concealed weapons permit to take a written safety test to demonstrate
that the individual understands how to use a weapon in a safe manner.
Allowing the testing to be done online would weaken the ability of the
Commonwealth to determine who is actually taking the test and open up
opportunities for individuals to receive a permit under fraudulent
circumstances with no guarantee that they can use a weapon safely."
WHAT?!? There is NO requirement in current law for a written SAFETY
TEST!!! Where did he come up with that? So he vetoed this bill based
on a law that he just made up out of thin air. If there is any fraud
going on, Governor, it is YOU swearing an oath to defend and protect
the Constitution.

HB 2528, Delegate Cole, requires that localities pass an ordinance
before doing gun buy-ups. Governor says, "I veto House Bill 2528,
which unnecessarily interferes with the operations of local
governments. Specifically, the bill prohibits local law enforcement
from choosing to conduct voluntary gun buyback programs and then
destroying the weapons. Some localities have found this program to be
effective in reducing the number of illegal firearms in their
communities. It is not a mandatory program, and law enforcement in
each locality have made the decision whether such a program is
desirable in their own county or city. There is no compelling reason
for the General Assembly to take this decision out of the hands of
local law enforcement." WHAT?!? It does NOT require that localities
not destroy guns. The final bill that passed made it an option for
localities to be able to either do that or to sell the guns to a
federally licensed gun dealer. The Governor is NOT reading these
bills and is vetoing them based on erroneous knowledge of what the
bills do! Harvard needs to get that diploma back ASAP.

I would sum up Governor Kaine's attitude as, "To hell with the will of
the People as expressed through the Legislature. I, King Kaine, know
what all the People want and need and I have no interest in hearing
their little voices and don't want to be confused with the facts."


What now?

On April 8th the General Assembly meets to override the Governor's
vetoes. Unlike Governor Kaine, the General Assembly needs to show
that public safety is more important than blind anti-gun politics.

A quick look at the vetoed bills:

SB 1035, the restaurant ban repeal, needs 5 more votes to be
overridden in the Senate and the VCDL "robo calls" are working that
issue right now. The House only needs 1 more vote to override the
veto. (Senate 22 to 16, House 66 to 33) SEE ACTION ITEM BELOW!

SB 877, the restaurant ban repeal for retired police, passed by a
large veto proof margin. (Senate 40 to 0, House 84 to 15)

SB 1851, One Handgun A Month exemption for active duty military,
passed by a large veto proof majority. (Senate 31 to 8, House 86 to 13)

SB 1528, internet training for CHPs, passed by a large veto-proof
majority. (Senate 29 to 10, House 99 to 0)

HB 2528, gun buy-up bill, passed by a large veto-proof majority.
(Senate 28 to 12, House 85 to 11)

So only one bill is in any real jeopardy, SB 1035, the restaurant ban
repeal for CHP holders. The other bills have decent margin of votes
to override the Governor's veto.



If YOUR Senator is one of the following:

Blevins, Colgan, Herring, Lucas, Norment, Northam, or Petersen

And/Or YOUR Delegate is one of the following:

Albo, Amundson, Caputo, Dance, Hamilton, Hargrove, Mathieson, May,
Melvin, Paula Miller, Poisson, Rust, Shannon, Sickles, Tata, Tyler,
Vanderhye, or Watts

You need to call them NOW and let them know that since they supported
RETIRED police officers carrying concealed in restaurants, even if
they are drinking alcohol, they NEED to change their vote and override
the Governor's veto to SUPPORT concealed handgun permit holders
carrying concealed in restaurants if they don't drink!

These legislators simply cannot justify what they have done by their
contradictory votes. We MUST call them and let them know we expect
them to make it right by overriding the veto.

Here are their LOCAL phone numbers. Remember - call them NOW if they
represent you. Have your family members and neighbors do the same.

We CAN do this if enough of you do your part.

Remember to hold their feet to the fire on this one!


Harry Blevins, 757-546-2435

Chuck Colgan, 703-368-0300

Mark Herring, 703-729-3300

Louise Lucas, 757-397-8209

Thomas Norment, 757-259-7810

Ralph Northam, 757-818-5172

Chap Petersen, 703-349-3361


Dave Albo, 703-451-3555

Kristen Amundson, 703-619-0444

Chuck Caputo, 703-476-6944

Rosalyn Dance, 804-862-2922

Phillip Hamilton, 757-249-2480

Frank Hargrove, 804-550-2900

Bobby Mathieson, 757-470-3000

Joe May, 703-777-1191

Ken Melvin, 757-397-2800

Paula Miller, 757-587-8757

David Poisson, 703-421-6899

Thomas Rust, 703-437-9400

Stephen Shannon, 703-281-5200

Mark Sickles, 703-922-6440

Bob Tata, 757-340-3510

Roslyn Tyler, 434-336-1710

Margi Vanderhye, 703-448-8018

Vivian Watts, 703-978-2989

VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.
(VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization
dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to
Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

VCDL web page: http://www.vcdl.org
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