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Posted: 4/12/2001 8:13:03 PM EST
I hope I don't get anybody in trouble for letting this out, but here's the word from a buddy of mine that works in intelligence at the Pentagon. High resolution infra-red and conventional satellite photos, combined with the new extra-low frequency through-earth radar (ELFRAD) technology, have revealed that the Chinese are now nearing completion of an exact working replica of our so-called "spy plane." From what our guys been able to piece together, it appears that the Chinese plan to present this completely functional like-new replica to the U.S. within the next 5 to 7 days as a "goodwill gesture," to replace the damaged one. Though they continue to insist (ridiculously) that the accident was our fault. I don't know what anybody else thinks about these developments, but I am very suspicious of their motivations. "Goodwill" my ass. Mightn't they be just maneuvering to get a contract to build all our military aircraft for us?
Link Posted: 4/12/2001 8:16:08 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/12/2001 8:50:32 PM EST
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Better keep that ELFRAD turned on and pointed straight down. I swear I hear this digging sound. It wouldn't be beneath them to tunnel their way through. You remember as a kid trying to dig straight down to China, don't you? You think they didn't have the same thought? [red][size=4]P.R.K.
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