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12/6/2019 7:27:02 PM
Posted: 3/15/2005 4:11:31 AM EST

Seems that the United Auto Workers took a LOT of heat on their stupid parking decision.

Now they want to let everyone know they changed their mind. But the Marines decided that they saw into the soul of the UAW organization when it was NOT under public pressure, and they will park elsewhere.

Link Posted: 3/15/2005 4:12:43 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/15/2005 4:14:13 AM EST by Zaphod]

Too late, assholes! DEAL with the results of your blatant stupidity!

Tony Camilleri of Dearborn Heights covered up the Chevrolet logo on his Silverado with a Toyota sign as a tribute to the Marines. The UAW has a longstanding policy prohibiting foreign makes from its parking lots.

GO Marines! Semper Fi!
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 4:13:48 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 4:17:36 AM EST

Originally Posted By DoubleFeed:
Did the UAW REALLY think they could kick a bunch of Marines out and everybody would think that was just fine?

Apparently they did. If this event doesn't show the pure socialism of the UAW and other unions then I don't know what will.

This was a huge slap in the face to the AMerican soldier and evry single member of the UAW should be marching in the streets DEMANDING the UAW leaders resign as a result of this action.

Anything less is unacceptable. Time for you union guys to beside where your loyalty is, you country or your wallet.

Link Posted: 3/15/2005 4:19:22 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/15/2005 4:24:45 AM EST by Zaphod]

Gettelfinger, himself a former Marine Corps reservist, said his initial decision should not be looked on as a lack of support for the military.

Oh, no! Of course not!

It's a sign of deep respect and complete support!


"The controversy over this decision has overshadowed the many good things the UAW and our members are doing to support and express our appreciation to America's servicemen and -women and veterans," he said.

Yeah, such as supporting a scumbag for president who was hell-bent on screwing the military at the first opportunity.

You know, I really feel bad for the (extremely few) folks in the UAW who have to put up with this asshat, and people like him, as their "leadership".

Then again, maybe they deserve it for not speaking up or just leaving....

Owners of a nearby apartment complex have agreed to allow reservists to park on their premises.

Good for them!

"I know people are incensed by this thing," Rutledge said, "but in the big scheme of things, what I do is train Marines and I'm preparing these guys to go overseas."

Got to love a guy who knows his job, AND HIS PLACE. That scumbag UAW "leader" should take a lesson....
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 4:23:20 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/15/2005 4:25:42 AM EST by shooter0311]
I love this:

"I made the wrong call on the parking issue, and I have notified the Marine Corps that all reservists are welcome to park at Solidarity House as they have for the past 10 years," Gettelfinger said in a statement.

Wounded by what they consider an unpatriotic ambush, the Marines rejected the union's olive branch and secured an alternative parking lot.

"I talked to Ron; I let him know that I understand he has rescinded his decision," said Lt. Col. Joe Rutledge, a top-ranking officer at the reserve infantry rifle battalion. "However, I've made my decision -- either you support the Marines or you don't."

In other words "Eat Shit And Die"

President Bush needs to make a stop by the 1st Btn 24th Marines to show some support

Link Posted: 3/15/2005 4:26:13 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/15/2005 4:26:30 AM EST by Zaphod]
If you ask me, the good LCOL should be DECORATED.

Give him a NAM or something. Just make the point (as if it needs to be driven home any more).
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