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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/19/2001 7:46:43 AM EST
Hey, I know there are several posts by members who are unemployed. They are complaining about being bored, having nothing to do, and worrying about bills. Well I have the solution for you. Get your behind off the couch and get busy! Here is how: You have tons-o-knowledge that you are NOT using. You know how to use a computer, you are probably able to go to garage sales, pawn shops, flea markets in your area. Start going there and learing prices for items that you already know to have value in your field. Tools, guns, watches, clothing, antiques, you name it. Take these items online and sell them. My wife does it for spare cash, I have other family members that do it full time for a living. Learn to spot the good deals. Use that knowledge to make some cash. You are bored anyways, right? Beats sitting around being depressed right? Gets you out of the house with the idea of DOING SOMETHING that can make some money, right? Don't want to go with the online avenue of reselling. Then go from one flea market to another and sell your wares. Got some good deals at a garage sale on items that some vendor coulf mark up 50%-100% and resell, then sell garage sale items to the flea market vendors. One member of my family does this so well, and so often, that he makes MORE doing this than he did drawing union wages. We're talking better than 25.00 per hour. Much Better. It is all cash, no boss, interesting work. I know people who are making a living doing this. I know others who just do it because they can make a couple hundred bucks off of garage sale stuff. Some others, just do it for grins, myself included. Get off the couch!
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