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Posted: 4/23/2001 11:02:47 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/23/2001 11:08:03 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/23/2001 11:10:40 AM EDT
Yep, as soon as anything becomes a 'condition' or 'disease', tax dollars will be spent on helping those that are afflicted.

Those of you that are gun owners in/near San Francisco should see about getting 'gunacollectitis' treated as a condition, treatment being free ammo as to spend more money on guns [:D]
Link Posted: 4/23/2001 11:51:09 AM EDT
That's so disgusting I didn't click on the link, hoping it's a joke and will go away.

My elderly mother's benefits for NEEDED medications keeps shrinking, but there is money for this kind of unspeakable filth.
Link Posted: 4/23/2001 12:22:38 PM EDT
My wife almost blew a gasket when she heard this this AM.

A friend of hers pays $1,000 a month for MS meds (of the total $1,500 per month) 'cuz insurance only covers $500 of it.

...and they are gonna pay for this ELECTIVE surgery???

If I recall, it was....

Man to woman - $41,000
Woman to man - $74,000

(kinda makes Lorena Bobbit an entrepreneur - BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!)

No intense offended, but any man that WANTS to become a woman (with all the shirt they gotta endure) is plumb nutzo. Certifiably bonkers.

Also, from the bizarre files....

Insurance will pay for abortions, but not for birth control. Go figger. I guess somebody stands to make more $$$ by NOT encouraging responsibility. Also, spare body parts and such looks to be a booming business in the NEAR future.

The way I see it, the baby killerz and the homos got the country by the scrotum.

Just one man's opinion... [:D]

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