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Posted: 12/25/2003 1:37:36 PM EDT
WTF? Hit the "search" button which is configured to go to google.com, but instead of going to google.com, ZOneAlarm comes up with this

Notice from Zone Labs Internet Security

This page is to notify you that ZoneAlarm has detected a problem with your installation, and therefore has restricted Internet access from your machine for your protection. Don’t panic! The step-by-step instructions listed here will help you to determine the problem, and explain how to resolve the issue.

Please print this page out first. If you don't have a printer setup or use a network printer, please click here to get a word version of this page and save it.

Note: If you have a Cisco VPN client installed and were re-directed to this page, please follow the directions here.

Why did this happen?
There was an error on your machine that is preventing the ZoneAlarm (Plus/Pro) security engine from properly starting. Because this condition is similar to a condition where a hacker is trying to disable your security, ZoneAlarm (Plus/Pro) has blocked would-be hackers by locking down your computer from outside Internet attacks. You should verify that your system is clean of any viruses or Trojans before restoring Internet Access. Check with your antivirus support site for help and special tools to remove viruses.

How long will it take to restore my access?
This will take between 5 and 15 minutes.

Instructions to restore Internet access

First try this:

  1. Restart your computer. (To do this, locate the Windows Start menu in the system tray, select Shut down, select Restart from the drop-down menu and then click OK.)
  2. After restarting, check your Internet access. Try this up to three times to see if your Internet access is restored. If this does not restore your access, proceed to step B below.

If above doesn’t work, do this:

  1. In the ZoneAlarm (Pro/Plus) interface, go to the Overview Panel, locate the Preferences tab and uncheck "load ZoneAlarm (Pro/Plus) at start-up" as shown in figure 1 below.
  2. Reboot your computer. (To do this, locate the Windows Start menu in the system tray, select Shut down, select Restart from the drop-down menu and then click OK.)
  3. In this third step, you will be renaming your Internet logs folder. This simple step only takes a moment, just follow the instructions carefully below. Please note: Deleting your Internet logs is necessary to restore Internet access, but you will lose your ZoneAlarm (Plus/Pro) settings as a result.

     a.   In the Windows Start menu select Search and then For files or Folders.
     b.   In the box titled "search for files or folders named:" type the following exactly, with quotes: "internet logs"
     c.   In the box titled "look in:" select Local Harddrives…
     d.   Now press Search Now
     e.   In the results to the right you will see a folder called Internet Logs. Typically, this is located at:
           i. C:\Windows\Internet Logs (for Win 9x/XP)
           ii. C:\Winnt\Internet Logs (for Win 2000/NT)
     f.   To rename the folder, simply right-click your mouse on the word "Internet Logs," select Rename and then type in a new name in the text field such as "oldlogs." Press Return when done.

  4. Reboot your computer. (See step 2 above)

Of course, I have done the above, despite my having full internet access and no other problems, other than trying to search google. Even if I manually type the google address into the address bar, the page above loads. ??????
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 5:24:13 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/25/2003 6:04:57 PM EDT by otar]
Sounds like your browser or something mimicking mozilla is trying to bipass ZA.

Your browser was probably hijacked.

Check out:

[url]http://www.servenet.com/ipiboard/messages/6695.html [/url]

Also get and use spybot search and destroy.

(edited to make links hot)
Link Posted: 12/25/2003 5:29:45 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/25/2003 6:06:23 PM EDT by otar]
Also, after digging a bit more you may want to make sure that you do not have a trojan called Qhost.

[url]http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/trojan.qhosts.html [/url]

I dont use their software for viri scanning, but they do seem to have a pretty good search for different bugs.

A dos level scan would be recomended.

(edited to make links hot)
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