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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/3/2002 9:37:30 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/3/2002 9:38:26 AM EST by 9divdoc]
Link Posted: 10/3/2002 9:38:51 AM EST
From a fishing guide on the river: Hi folks, After the last report I never would have imagined I would be writing this. I'm sure most of you have heard of the salmon dieing in the lower Klamath.To see everyone on the river having so much fun was fantastic and in a matter of days to see my comrades and clients so sad , none of us wanted to be there. This was by far the largest run of salmon to hit the Klamath. This run was also the largest fish to come in that anyone can remember. The Klamath River and it's fish needs your help. Basically what happened. (This is in my opinion after much research) The bureau of reclamation are the people in charge of the water flows on dammed rivers. The water level was raised around Labor Day as always in the past. This basically manipulates the fish to make their way up river. Two things happened this year that was different. 1) There was a huge run of fish. 2) After all these fish got into the river they turned the water back down to a trickle. In years past once the flows are increased they are maintained at that level. Many papers and TV stations were blaming this on the water temperatures. Last year the water temps. were higher than this year. A biologist I spoke told me that it was the water flow and quality that was killing the fish. They had contracted a virus and it spread like wild fire. An epidemic. There was so little oxygen in the water that fish were hanging in the riffles in large numbers struggling for more oxygenated wate r. The sick fish passed the disease on to the others and in days there were dead fish everywhere. NOW!!! Here's the corker!!! The bureau of reclamation has raised the flows nup to the normal level they run this time of year. They say they are going to leave it there for two weeks and turn in down again. Does anyone see a pattern here?!!! I spoke to the man in charge of this B.S. this morning. He confirmed the bureaus intentions. I told of my concern that the same thing could happen again. (there are still more fish to enter the river you know) He passed the buck off to the Marine Fisheries Council saying they told him that would be sufficient. This whole disaster has been blamed on the farmers in the Klamath basin. I don't believe that. There are two reservoirs below that area that are full to the rim. Iron Gate and Copco are both full and there are no farmers or ranchers below them. What I would like to ask all of you to do is contact your congressional representatives and scream your lungs out at them for letting this happen. After you have caught your breath call this number 541.883.6935. This is the number of bureau of reclamation office that controls the flows on the Klamath. Ask for Jim Bryan -- Chief of water and lands Div. or Dave Sabo -- Area Mgr. of the Klamath basin. Please tell them of your concerns of what could again. I don't think they want to blow it twice in one season. The more noise we make over this the less chance it will ever happen again. On a more positive note. The fishing down low is still good. We've been fishing for steelhead more than salmon. There are fresh salmon still coming in. Like I said this flush of water will bring in more fish. Lets make sure they survive. The guys I've been talking to up river have good things to say. People are catching salmon and steelhead in the Somes Bar area. Salmon are still making their way through Seiad and Happy Camp. I'm hoping enough fish got through to keep this fishery going like it has the last several years. I'll keep you posted as thing develop. I can be reached by e-mail wally@steelheadguides.com or call me at 707.482.0242 in the evenings. I'll be on the lower river until the middle of Oct. Then it's up to Seiad and Happy Camp. Thank You. See You on the River and tight lines, Wally 3 posted on 10/3/02 11:13 AM Pacific by sasquatch
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