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Posted: 5/2/2001 4:28:00 PM EDT
Just curious as to what you guys think about what war with China would be like.

Do you think it would be almost entirely a missle base effort on both sides? Or do you think that the landing of troops on either countries soil would be inevitable? Maybe nukes from the start?

What about the naval aspect? I don't know much about Chinese naval strength, but I wonder if there would be any naval battles as a result of war.

Another thing I'm unclear on is this. Does China belong to any organization like NATO that would rally to their defense? Are they a member of SEATO? And what about North Korea, think they would take the plunge?

Again, I'm just curious and thought some of you may be better informed than I am.
Link Posted: 5/2/2001 4:42:51 PM EDT
They have the Panama Canal..and the country of Panama...control the canal and you have effectively cut the US in half in terms of shipping...They have Cuba, and have been lobbying in Venezuela (now under communist leadership -where a great deal of our oil comes from) & throughout central and south America...a blind man can see they are forming a spear head aimed at our soft underbelly...Their alliance is with Russia and North Korea...Vietnam while not a superpower is certainly hostile to the US and our form of Govt...do they have an ax to grind after what we did to them?...China seeks to dominate Asia and create nations of slaves as they have their own people (if they do it to their own imagine what they will do to others)...WE stand in their way until we are done away with they cannot do to Asia as they will...Russia feels the same way and has its own designs ....We also stand in the way of the middle east oil fields being taken over..dont think these tyrants will ever rest until we are defeated...we are slowly rotting away from the inside..morally and politically..they know it and are patiently waiting..under Clinton we sold out our own and our allies Bush seems to be taking a stand ...lets hope he toughens up our military and our own moral fiber ..
Link Posted: 5/2/2001 5:04:27 PM EDT
 A Chinese attempt to take back Taiwan would be like a replay of Okinawa.  They will try to starve out Taiwan by attacking its merchant shipping with long-ranged anti-ship cruse missiles launched from land or aircraft.  When the US goes to convoy the shipping into Taiwan they will switch to attacking our warships, knowing that the US cannot tolerate any sort of casualties.  They will also bombard Taiwans ports and airfields with SRBMs in order to totally disrupt the islands supply and communications with the outside world.

  The beauty of this is that if it doesnt work they can still say that they repulsed a attempt by the US and their anti-revolutionary lackys in the rebellous province from spreading the counterrevolution to the mainland.  They can still clame victory and save face.

  Bush is right to challenge them now, because they need at the very minimum another decade to revitalize the fossillized PLA.  And in particular they need to rebuild their nuclear deterant force.  Right now it isnt much of a obstical to us at all.  They have far fewer ICBM's than we have B2's and ALCMs, their missiles are old liquid fueled types that require at least a half hour from the GO command to launch and cannot be left fueled and ready for very long before the launch command, nor can they quickly or easily be turned around again to be ready to launch.  And we think we know where they all are, where they are built, and the C3 nodes that can control them.  Their silos and bunkers are vulnerable to the new penetrating weapons that we built to defeat Iraq's bunker systems.  We could wipe out their nuclear force in one afternoon, well before they could launch, without using nuclear weapons ourselves- and they know it.  Which is why they are getting so irate with us at the moment- they are scared.  They know that they are in a period of relative weakness.

  Right now is the perfect moment for Taiwan to declare independance from China.  The Chinese cannot [i]at this moment[/i] respond effectively militarily.  They are however working very hard to change this, each year that goes by it will be more difficult for Taiwan to do this without risking a very violent response from the mainland.
Link Posted: 5/2/2001 5:16:43 PM EDT
"To defeat one's enemy without battle, is the highest art of war."  Sun Tzu.  The Chinese know that they cannot defeat us militarily at any time in the forseeable future.  All that they have to do is stand back, and we will collapse of ourselves.  Doubtless the Chinese will do whatever they can and use whoever they can to hurry things along......I hope that you who read this have some idea of how brutal the Chinese can be.  Also the next generation in China is largely male, as a result of the one-child policy.  Where are these Chinamen gonna go to get women?  Now there is a frightening thought.................
Link Posted: 5/2/2001 5:22:13 PM EDT
Don't think a war would happen but if there is a whole generation of horny chinese guys, who knows what could happen! Those Chinese will do anything to get a piece, oh wait that is all of us guys.
Link Posted: 5/2/2001 5:36:54 PM EDT

China does not have any alliances ala NATO.  If they start a fight, they would most likely be the only combatants (barring future military alliances like NATO.  i.e. if you attack any country within NATO it is considered an attack agianst the USA).

Your question brings up the importance of National Missile Defense (NMD).  The press and the administration try to sell NMD as protection against rogue nations such as Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

I believe that the REAL and unstated purpose behind NMD is CHINA!  We don't want to be obvious about our intentions (which is intelligent) so we are giving China the soft sell on NMD.  China will be our biggest threat 20 years from now when Missile defense becomes reality.  Their military has been very aggressive in fortifying their offensive capabilities.   Also, far more scary, China is becoming very nationalistic.  They have become very tribal, and they take offense at the slightest insult.  Their national press, as well as independent press (ala William Randolph Herst) has been sensationalizing conflicts with the US.  The nationalist fervor could become a powderkeg ready to explode.  Witness the nationalism of the NAZI's.  

Our investment in NMD is critically important to the future of the United States and freedom.  Let us hope that the liberals don't block the administration's efforts at developing NMD.

Unfortunately NMD would only be effective vs. ICBM's.   If the enemy (China, terrorists) brings in a small warhead in a suitcase or the cargohold of a ship, that is another matter entirely.  We would need some method (which exist today) to detect radioactivity within ships or luggage which is doable.   If the chinese were to load warheads onto ships, intelligence and/or satellite reconnaisance would hopefully warn the USA of impending danger.

Link Posted: 5/2/2001 5:51:48 PM EDT
what we need to do is [b]S T O P[/b] the importation of supplies to USA. just about everything i pick up has MADE IN CHINA on it they are building there furtunes by us, and we suffer by bad econamy. stop the products from being shipped in then create jobs here so we can work. its all about the almighty dollar
and cheap labor. has for there missle defence
system look at what technolagy they stole from
us, and good old clinton turned a blind eye to it. has for a war with china we will always back down; why? they are our bread a butter.

Link Posted: 5/2/2001 6:02:32 PM EDT
Just for the thought of it .. oh.. my God !...We better push for a Belt-Fed and 10,000 rnds from Uncle Sam! ..every citizen shall be issued one .. Kinda like being a good Citizen..

Each one of us for every 10 of em...

Yeh ..... Like in Stat Troopers .. only that the bugs are replaced by ...

[beer] for everyone too!
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