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Posted: 11/20/2008 4:58:17 PM EDT
I stumbled across two new authors, both of whom I strongly recommend.

The first is Joseph Heywood. I read his book "Strike Dog". Kinda unusual character in that he's a game warden rather than a cop per se. Good mystery in the plot, lots of the usual "locals vs Feds" dialogue as well. Wonderful bubba characters as one would expect in a book dealing with a game warden.

The second is Jeff Huber, former E-2C squadron commander. The book is "Bathtub Admirals" & is loosely about Naval Aviation. Think a cross between "Catch 22" & "M*A*S*H" but without the other's rejection of all things military. Damn funny too! He briefly mentions the "Tailhook" scandal that rocked the Navy several years ago & how the Navy still shudders about it.

Hope this helps someone looking for new authors to read.
Page General » Books
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