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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/23/2001 3:49:06 AM EST
What an f'd up way to end the day. Family drove in to spend a day together at my bro-in-law's house here in town and all went great. Big bird, ham, all the fixin's, lot's of Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada's to go around, then BAM. All hell breaks loose among the women folk. It seems that my sis-in-laws husband decided to split the day before T-Day. That was bad enough, except that her sister (who she doesn't get along with that well) was visiting and took it upon herself to play judge and jury about the whole thing and publicly announce that it was all my sis-in-law's fault that the marriage is in the pot and that she just wanted to ruin the get together by bringing everybody down and "hogging all the attention". Yadda, yadda, yadda until things escalated into an all out finger pointing yelling match that was finally resolved by separating the two. Moral to this part of the story, do not mix alcohol with long time feuding sisters. F'd up event number two was pulling into our driveway at home to see the lock missing from the garage door. Visions of an empty gun cabinet were furiously running through my head as I sat ther in my truck with a burning sensation in the pit of my stomach. It was already dark by this time, so I told everyone to stay in the truck but keep the cell phone handy while I check out the house for any burglars. A quick run through the house with my four D cell Mag-Lite (read: club) and my knife proved that no one had entered or stolen anything. I then went into the garage expecting to find all my motorcycles, tools and guns missing. Once again, it looked like nothing had been touched. All my toys, still there. Only thing missing is my son's Suzuki JR50. Obviously some neighborhood punks that knew we were gone decided to help themselves to my son's pride and joy. F'ing dicks. It wouldn't be so bad except that I had to cancel getting my son an XR70 this Christmas because I got laid off six weeks ago. Now he lost the only motorcycle he had. Moral to this story, don't be in such a rush to leave that you forget to double check the lock on the garage (read: I feel like a stupid bone f**k.). I am not a happy camper. Just had to vent some steam.
Link Posted: 11/23/2001 3:57:25 AM EST
That sucks about the bike....people that do shit like that deserve to wreck and break their neck. I think girl fights are kind of funny though.... Michael
Link Posted: 11/23/2001 3:57:38 AM EST
Really sorry to hear about your day. My wife's family had been going on for years, but everyone ignores it. It's really too bad about the bike, though. However, since it was probably someone you know (or knows you), you might have a good chance of getting it back. Good luck to you, and try not to let it spoil the rest of the year.
Link Posted: 11/23/2001 5:07:42 AM EST
Allahdamned son of a butch. Corksuckers, stealin a kids bike is the lowest shyte of the face and should sent directly to the Gate. I do have to say the visual image of Smilin desert Rider seperatn` the women folk is pretty funny. Nuther instance that solidifies my resolve in an alky free life. I will have 2 years down this next month.
Link Posted: 11/23/2001 5:44:26 AM EST
[b]I curse the day Allah created them and their families! I spit on them, they are swine, PTUEEE!! Son of goats, they are the camels ass! May your son be blessed with a brighter future, may his motorcycle collection grow into a harem of bikes, and many virgins too [/b]--(At apropriate age of course)
Link Posted: 11/23/2001 5:48:01 AM EST
Originally Posted By Rich314: Nuther instance that solidifies my resolve in an alky free life.
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Funny - that was MY first response to Desert's post.
I will have 2 years down this next month.
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I had no idea. Congrats, bud. That takes discipline. Hang in there. Desert - Sorry about your day, and your boys motorcycle. And that you lost your job. Hang in there, it'll get better. IT can ONLY get better!!!! [:D]
Link Posted: 11/23/2001 6:11:41 AM EST
Originally Posted By Rich314: Nuther instance that solidifies my resolve in an alky free life. I will have 2 years down this next month.
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I agree 100%!!! As I sat down yesterday with my family I was very happy that no one was fighting or unhappy. It literally was a perfect day!! 4 years next month[:D] Alcohol and family=trouble! sgtar15
Link Posted: 11/23/2001 6:43:27 AM EST
I quit drinking & smoking over twenty years ago, best two things I ever did for myself. Just quit, I became fearful that allowing expensive, unnecessary, stinky vices take control of my mental and physical well being, was a sure sign that I was losing my manhood. Can't have that.
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