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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/21/2001 6:56:23 AM EST
Well I went to the Tulsa gun show yesterday and I will have to say there were some dealers that are totally crazy!!!! The prices yesterday were absolutely ludicrous!!!! A lot of seriously old surplus weapons, some good, and some just plain pieces of junk. Everyone seemed to be out to rip everyone else off. I am used to haggling a price, but there was really some people out there trying to screw people. This is always upsetting to me. Then when my friends and I were about to give up, we came across this one table. Some ammo, some clips, a few excellent guns, and no bullshit!!!! They guy was nice, great attitude, real personable. Well were ended up buying just about everything at this guys table. Just kind of impresses me how one nice person can change your whole day and thought I would share that.
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 7:11:43 AM EST
It was good for me. I picked up a mint SP1 for $1050.00.
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 10:01:16 AM EST
i went saturday looking for an m1a not alot of them there ,then i found one standard walnut he wanted 1275 i looked at it closely it was a little beat up i asked if it was used he says yes i talked him down to 1000 and looked at it closer i asked him to cut the plastic tie out of the reciever so i could play with the action , iracked it back let it slam forward,went to retract the bolt and the pos fell apart!!!!!!!!! i said thank you set the rifle down and walked away . be careful out there fellas there are some slippery ,overpriced individuals out there!
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 11:25:00 AM EST
Anyone see the rack of Century ARs for $699.00? Man talk about total POS.
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 12:14:25 PM EST
There were some good deals and some bad ones. You just need to know what you're looking for. I was there today and saw a Savage Model 99EG in .250-3000 for $545. It was an early fifties gun and unfooled with and had its original sights. It had some carry wear, but wasn't worn out or abused. It may not mean much here, but to a 99 collector, that's a very good price and haggling may have bettered it. Those Century ARs were some of the roughest looking ARs in the whole show. I'd have been embarrassed to've displayed those if I was the vendor. I did stop by ArmaLite's booth and fondle the AR-180B. I'd have to say that I was somewhat indifferent to them introducing this gun, but after having seen one in person, I WANT IT!!
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 12:31:36 PM EST
Being my first time going I don't know if it was any better/worse than previous years. But I can say WOW! that is one HUGH JASS Gun show! There's almost NO way to take in the whole thing in just one day. There did seem to be a lot of 'Crap' there, but for the most part it was pretty good. I did learn that if you think you find a good deal on something, Buy it then and there instead of 'comparison shopping'! I missed out on some guy selling 3 used 30rd USGI mags (Parsons) for $40, Yes for all THREE! But I later found some guy that made a me a pretty good deal on 4 30rd USGI mags and 2 30rd Orilites, got all 6 for $90. Not too bad I guess On a funny note I did see the guy in SG news that's selling the DIAS there (or at least I think it was him) He had the actual ad from SG news cut out and Low and Behold right there next to it in his display case was a DIAS! So I bought two of em!..... YEAH RIGHT! Can't wait for the next one!
Link Posted: 10/21/2001 1:00:27 PM EST
I bought some parts,bolts,barrels,mags,books. Only one gun,Pre Series 70 Commander LtWt frame. cpermd
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 3:56:54 AM EST
I did not mean to sound like the whole thing was a shame. There was a few good things here and there. The guys I was with did some good trading and I bought some parts, ammo, and rifle bags at some good deals. It just seemed to me that there was a noticable mark up in gun cost, but gun quality was way down. Maybe this time I was just paying more attention? A lot of people trying to slide things by, like someone said before. In any case I got what I wanted there and met a few very nice people.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 5:47:30 AM EST
Quite a few good deals on parts and accessories, good deals on firearms were minimal. Everything was pretty high and most were not willing to come down on price much. I was in the market for a CETME but prices ranged from $600-$900, I can get one from Wholesale Guns and Ammo for $395 shipped! Those CAI AR's were first class junk! LOL! Lot's of good people there though, all in all had a good time. Hope there are some better deals at the Spring show.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 6:32:25 AM EST
Another vote here for the "too much junk/too high priced" camp. I found about three tables I thought were reasonably priced and professional. I ended up picking up a Olympic AR-15 lower for $110 out the door. I know you can order one anytime for roughly $90 but when you add shipping and a transfer fee it gets pretty close to the $110 so I decided to pick one up. Now I can't wait to buy the rest of my M4gery!!!
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 7:10:26 AM EST
You may know who I'm talking about but did anyone encounter that BIG ASSHOLE selling minuture gun replica's? If you did, you would know who I'm talking about. My wife was going to buy one from him for a Christmas gift to me but he was a royal jerk to her and wouldn't tell her the price on anything except that they were too expensive. I later encountered him not knowing my wife had seen him and he threatened to jump all over me if I touched one of his toy guns. I took it as a physical threat and nearly took him up on the challenge, but instead I gritted my teeth and walked away because I didn't want to go to jail. When I later heard he was a jerk to my wife, I was going to go back and cuss him out but they convinced me he wasn't worth it. REPORT: Lots of AR stuff, saw some postbans for as low as $700. Not many AK's. AK's were mostly prebans. Lots of high prices, most people wouldn't come down on their items. What few 10/22's I saw were high. Used going for $175-250. Lots of antique guns and high end show case shot guns, saw some 5 figure priced shotguns. Saturday was extremely crowded not much room to move around. Tons of M-1 stuff, about everywere I looked, it was there, didn't price any. Big show, saw a few dealers that didn't want anyone even touching their stuff unless you showed them your money. Other than that, it was great and no one got shot.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 6:45:17 PM EST
I avoid the miniture gun asswipe. I had a run-in with him a few years ago. I also got the "don't touch my guns" and "you can't afford anything on this table." I propmtly told him only a first class idiot would spend all that money on those stupid little guns when there was a whole big-assed building full of real ones. He hasn't been real overly friendly to me ever since.[;)]
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