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Posted: 10/24/2004 2:52:02 PM EDT
We went to the Tulsa Gunshow today.
Fairly normal show for Tulsa.

Magazine prices were in line. Glock 21, 13rnd for $20.00 and Quality AR mags for $15 to $20 and new colts for $30.

There were mostly Olympic AR'a and a few Bushmaster & Colt. They Olympic's were around 700 to 800. Anyone with a Colt had it overpriced. I wanted a colt lower and one vendor had a Colt Sporter Lower with a 4 pos stock he wanted $899.00!! So I asked him if this was correct and he said that since it's a pre-ban it still had extra value for people in other states. I should have said “Not in this state!!”, but just walked away. I saw a few SP1's and one was reasonable at $1000.00 but most everyone was overpriced. One guy had a shorty carbine priced at $2800.00.

Link Posted: 10/24/2004 3:53:45 PM EDT
I had two great moments at the show today. The first one was seeing a dealer selling the Beretta CX-4 Storm in 9mm for $950, with two 10rd mags. Where I work, it's sold for $589 with two 10rd mags, two 15rd mags, and a coupon for two free 15rd mags from the factory. BIG difference there. I went over to his table and asked why it's $950. He said "because it's 9mm!" as if that was reason enough. After "discussing" with him for a few minutes about actual retail cost, and the price that I sell it for, I decided to walk away and hope that no one got suckered into that sale.

The second moment was when I walked by a table with LED flashlights, made by some off-brand company. I guess I must have shown more interest than I meant to at one of them, because the guy at the table picked one of the lights that had 5 of those little keychain-type LEDs in an array on the head, and flashed it right at my face. "Pretty cool huh? That's the brightest LED flashlight that you'll ever see!" Now it wasn't that bright, but it was bright enough to annoy me after it was shone directly into my face. I pulled out my Surefire L4 (5 watt LED rated at 65+ Lumens) and gave him a quick flash in his face. As he kinda stumbled back and rubbed his eyes, I walked off saying "No, it really isn't."
Link Posted: 10/24/2004 4:00:44 PM EDT
I was there for about 3 hours this morning. Ditto on the mags although I did find some good used GI mags for $11 each. Glock mags were reasonable (but I don't have a glock and have no desire to buy one.) Still no 10/22 high caps without BS pricing. Saw a lot of good prices on Bushies, and saw a lot of azz-clowns still in denial about the death of the ban. But all in all, I couldn't find any deals better than the deals in our own EE.

It always surprises me, just how many of the exhibitors at the "Weiner-Maker" (Wannenmacher) shows are former SEALS
Link Posted: 10/24/2004 4:57:31 PM EDT
I got there about 10:00 AM and left around 1500 hrs, and really didn't find good deals at all. I did find some 20rd colt mags for $10 and forgot where the table was.
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