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Posted: 8/5/2001 8:37:50 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/5/2001 8:39:49 AM EDT by RichinCM]
Check this crap out.. Apparently some pretentious history professors decided to try Truman for using a "terror weapon." [url]www.historynewsnetwork.com[/url] There is a place to leave comments.. hehe
Link Posted: 8/5/2001 2:28:13 PM EDT
I don't think Truman is a war criminal, but the line between military necessity and war crime is sometimes a fine one.
Link Posted: 8/5/2001 2:59:20 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/5/2001 5:59:33 PM EDT
Of course Truman is 'not guilty.' We've had a few discussions of this on the Board before, so I won't go into my views again, but you simply cannot fault Truman for dropping the bombs in order to avoid the invasion of the home islands and the projected 1,000,000 US casualties that would have resulted. I particularly like Richard Jensen's take on the number of JAPANESE casualties that would have resulted from the invasion -
It was much debated at the time--and today-- how many American soldiers would be killed in these invasions; no one knows for sure. [red][u]But all the planners in 1945 knew how many Japanese soldiers would be killed: all of them.[/u][/red] That is, about a million in Kyushu and several million in Honshu (including many of the 4 million women who in summer 1945 were being drilled in militia units to fight the invaders).
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I think that pretty much says all there is to say about the matter. I'll have to admit that I'm maybe a little biased in this regard - my father had been serving in the South Pacific since April, 1942, was in Luzon at the time of the dropping of the A-bombs, and was in one of the divisions that were being developed for the actual invasion of the Japanese home islands. As it was, he was in Tokyo within a week of the surrender! He served for one and a half more years in Japan before returning to Texas A&M to finish college, and meet my mother. Eric The(HeAndHisPalsWereEcstaticOverTheBombs!)Hun­[>]:)]
Link Posted: 8/5/2001 6:12:57 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 4:46:36 PM EDT
This topic deserves to be kicked back to the front of the line, on this momentous day[>]:)]
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 4:50:16 PM EDT
Originally Posted By raf: Since Truman was never charged with any crimes by any court having jurisdiction, OF COURSE he's not guilty. This "moot court" law-school business is just that: MOOT. It's mental masturbation at it most ridiculous. Give 'em Hell, Harry, wherever you are.
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Well said!
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 5:06:32 PM EDT
Those who win wars write the history books and avoid the war trials. Just wondering.... has ANY US serviceman been brought up on charges of "crimes against humanity" in a military court?
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