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Posted: 12/29/2001 11:44:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/29/2001 11:48:35 PM EST by 1GUNRUNNER]
For a buddy - who knows might be something good in it for ya. I sure hope this doesn't violate any of GB's rules.[:D]
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 9:50:48 AM EST
I need some more votes - sure I don't have some silly drawing of a hi-tech boot dryer but, come on.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 11:19:36 AM EST
A buddy of mine got a '00 Dodge Dakota Crew cab...got the Rhinoliner in there the next week...the stuff looks great, and is nearly indestructable!
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 11:29:45 AM EST
I always wondered what the feasibility of covering the outside of my Jeep with that stuff would be... tough as nails!
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 11:33:44 AM EST
I haven't got anything yet, but I'm planning on the spray in Rhinoliner when I get around to it. Several of my friends have it and it looks great, much better than the removable liners, and it really holds up well. I'm not talking about occasionally hauling stuff in it either. I'm talking about everyday use, from ranch work to hunting to the tailgate parties after the softball games on Monday night. I'd recommend it to anybody.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 12:28:14 PM EST
I have a 1988 F-250 extended cab with 8 foot bed. I want to get the Rhinoliner spray done. Friend has it took out his plastic liner after 5 months.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 1:13:22 PM EST
I've got a spray on also. Tough as nails but if you get ANY other color except black, IT WILL FADE. CMOS
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 3:41:46 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/30/2001 3:42:12 PM EST by platform389]
Line-X on a 2001. They knocked $20 bucks off the price right off the bat. One piece of advice. DO NOT stay with the truck when it is put in. I took a two week old truck in, and all the grinding to remove the two week old paint for a proper bond made my jaw hurt. [IMG]http://www.freakygamers.com/smilies/s2/contrib/aahmed/biggrin.gif[/IMG]
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 3:52:16 PM EST
Hi guys, Line-x is the way to go for me. I am a commercial plbg contractor and the line-x is the bomb. Tough as nails and very protective. The rhino liner is somewhat soft and cannot take the abuse the line-x can. My .02 cents from a construction worker. I put it in all my truck beds, good to go gear. Dram out.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 4:19:09 PM EST
I'm a contractor and I've always used them plastic drop in types. Some of my gang boxes weigh near a ton loaded and me and my guys are always tossing heavy sharp metal objects into the beds. Will the spray on stuff hold up to this kind of abuse I mean sharp metal and all? Any idea thick the spay stuff is? The plastic liners seem to hold up but they aren't real easy to sweep out and if I don't tie down a small tool box (for hand tools) it will slam around.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 4:29:29 PM EST
If you are going to use the back of the truck go with a spray in system. We have both types in our company trucks and the plastic drop in type sucks. Tools are always sliding around and they trap moisture next to the truck bed. My .02
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 9:03:49 PM EST
Thanks guys for helping out.
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 9:12:01 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/30/2001 9:19:45 PM EST
Had Rhino do two trucks, one in '92 or '93 and one in '94. Both are still going strong, even the older Dakota which is outside daily and a work truck. Really appreciate the traction Rhino provides, even when wet, plus the fact that it's permanent and won't cause rust like a drop-in scraping the bed constantly.
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