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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/30/2001 12:11:58 PM EST
Category: My $.02 worth, just a suggestion or two. Not a major crisis... Trim the graphics on the pages a bit to speed load time for the dial-up users and have the webdude change link default target to new-window... Have the webdude change the default for the messages lists within a topic to new-window instead of current-window and have it bring up just a list of the contained messages [ without ] all the header graphics that are presently on every single page. You could still have the banner ad at top to pay the light bill but load time would be a LOT quicker without the all of the same graphics on every single page. I right-click 'open-in-new-window' each forum anyway as I imagine a most others do, so I don't have to back arrow all the time to get back to the forum lists. It shouldn't take the webdude very long to change default action to target:new-window and to trim the grpahics from the just message list windows.... At the office I really enjoy browsing the site. At the office, I go out to the backbone on a bunch of T1's and load time is not an issue. At home, it is via a dialup modem as most users on the Internet.... just suggestions....
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