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Posted: 9/26/2004 3:28:57 PM EDT
Picked up a Yugo SKS thanks to BigMacs group buy that started in February but due to InterOrdnance being pains in the ass (trying to sell rifles they didn't have) just got finished. Her is a pic of it next to my Russian SKS:

It is supposed to be in "excellent" condition. The stock is pretty thrashed, rough with some dings, but the metal is perfect and it has a shiny bore. Spent three hours last night cleaning out all the cosmoline, what a pain in the ass that was. Tried it out at the range and first shot went right to point of aim at 50 yards. Then I noticed that it didn't cycle. Manually cycled and tried it again and once again, no cycling. I'm wondering if there was still cosmoline in the gas system but I thought I got it all and I figured the pressure would blast any that was trapped. Well, fortunately the person shooting near me has one and knew that there is a gas valve for the grenade launcher and mine was set on. Move it to the left and it ran like a champ. Trigger sucks but was workable.

All in all I'm very pleased with this rifle and it only cost me $180 OTD. Thanks BigMac.
Link Posted: 9/26/2004 3:42:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/26/2004 3:45:48 PM EDT by Noname]
Misrepresenting condition (!!!), selling guns they don't have, and sending wrong crap is SOP with InterOrdnance...!

The Jugo's be pretty damn nice (for a SKS). Mine came from Clearview. They were graded as "very good". One was 85-90% the others were 98-99%.
Link Posted: 9/26/2004 3:53:02 PM EDT
nice new toy!!

Wish i had the extra funds for one

- BG
Link Posted: 9/26/2004 3:53:07 PM EDT
Nice, my SKS is my favorite gun (and my cheapest). Very accurate and always seem to be sighted in right...never had FTF/FTE like my AR-15 and CETME.
Link Posted: 9/26/2004 4:20:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/26/2004 8:19:02 PM EDT
Yeah, I think there are a lot of dealers done with them. The guns were supposed to be unissued and were still advertised on their website. They said it would be a couple weeks, then a couple more weeks, on and on since February, and raising the price during this time. We finally got the choice of continuing to wait or get "excellent" models. As this was intended as a shooter from the get go I was OK with the "excellent" and am happy with the rifle though I wish the stock wasn't so rough feeling. I guess it's nothing some sandpaper wont fix. And I appreciate BigMac dealing with these guys and putting together a great deal for us. But yeah, IO sucks.
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