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Posted: 5/31/2001 8:25:17 PM EDT
Today I (forced) attended a lecture given by these two obvious tree-hugging women (probably dykes). It was about “domestic violence”, and how it is ALWAYS the mans fault for “battering” the woman. How drugs, alcohol, stress, no matter what, it is ALWAYS his fault. The woman could do no wrong. It was also the mans fault for women to stay with men who beat them, because “we scare them” and “they’re helpless”. She went on to talk about this woman she knew, who was rapped by her boy friend. She apparently was taken to his apartment, willingly. Once she entered the apartment, he locked the door, and rapped her. The feminist who was talking at that time, also just happened to point out “that he had several gun-related magazines lying on the floor. Which means that he obviously has knowledge of weaponry, and is a very deadly person” (yes, that was a quote from her). I did agree with her on some of this stuff, but none of this bull sh*t. And for her to say that “it is not the woman’s fault for not leaving” is total BULL SHIT. If she wanted out of the relationship, she could get out. I know it, you know it, they know it, and she knows it. There was a response questionnaire, which I had intended to fill out, but due to my lack of time, I could not. -Captain Obvious
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