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Posted: 5/24/2005 6:22:54 AM EDT
So i'm contemplating building my own 80% lower AR15. I have a concern though, the FAQ section the ATF website states that it is legal as long as it is "not for sale". So can I never sell/trade/gift it? I undersand they don't want joe schmo manufacturing 100's of guns a year to sell, but if I make one for myself, then sell it 5 years later is that technically making it "for sale"?

My second concern is the same issue but more in the future. When I die what happens? Do ATF goons get to cut my precious gun into 1,000,000 peices? Or can I leave it in my will?

If anyone has any real answers i'd appericate it. Thanks.h.gif
Link Posted: 5/24/2005 2:33:30 PM EDT
It's all about intent. If you build it for the purpose of resale, you are manufacturing without a license. If you build it for your own use then later sell it, that's OK. It's the ATF's opinion that if you do sell one, it must be marked with a serial number and other required information when transferred (markings aren't required for homebuilt non-NFA firearms otherwise).
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