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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/28/2002 12:45:04 PM EST
Hey Everyone, I bought an AR on the internet from an individual this week in another state. Is trasnfer via UPS/Fedex to an FFL the only way to get the gun, or can I pick up the gun myself from the individual? If I can pick it up myself, how do you transfer ownership of the gun from the previous owner to the new owner? Is this doable, b/c it would save me about $75?
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:52:00 PM EST
(hmmm, I'm thinkin' [:K]) Don't you think that it would have been best to work this out BEFORE you purchased?
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:54:38 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:54:41 PM EST
If I were you I would contact the ATF and ask them. [whacko]
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:55:19 PM EST
I agree you should have made arrangements first. Only legal way to do it is have it sent to your FFL. Make sure it is OK with him FIRST!
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 1:04:55 PM EST
You should be able to purchase a long gun in another state (other than your state of residence) in person and take it home. Shipping it is a whole other matter. Jamie
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 1:34:50 PM EST
Never heard of purchasing out of state and carrying back to resident state before. Is that new? Last I heard, it can only be shipped to FFL. Been to out of state shows where I've purchased a rifle, it was held until a copy of the FFL from home state was received, then shipped to dealer.
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 1:48:34 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/28/2002 1:51:52 PM EST by fijfi]
(B2) From whom may an unlicensed person acquire a firearm under the GCA? [Back] A person may only buy a firearm within the person's own state, except that he or she may buy a rifle or shotgun, in person, at a licensee's premises in any state, provided the sale complies with state laws applicable in the state of sale and the state where the purchaser resides. [18 U. S. C 922( a)( 3) and (5), 922( b)( 3), 27 CFR 178.29] Located here [url]http://www.atf.treas.gov/firearms/faq/faq2.htm#b2[/url] Jamie
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