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Posted: 5/26/2002 12:28:22 PM EDT
[green]OK,...  OK,.....I'm talking about the 2 nights off  from recuperation I used to take(I'd go out).Most nights I'd be recuperating for the next' days workout.Yes I worked out(lifted) daily at diffrent intencities.I used to specifically like  Wednesdays(happyhour!)and Saturdays nights(morechicksout!) to go out when the opportunity arose to DRINK....mostly beers.Other than the extra carb intake alot of the time I'd astonish myself with the sheer power(anddrenchingsweat) I'd have after a night of many beers![/green]....I could rarely break a sweat otherwise[:(].....anyone else got any stories?
.......now this was when I was 18-25yrs old,yeah, the drinking age was 18 when I was 18,what luck....... I'd guess the night club owners assn. bribed the right guys on the city council,because 5years later it went back to 21.
Link Posted: 5/26/2002 1:08:49 PM EDT
You were stronger the day after going out and drinking?  Strange.  Anything I do that takes away from sleep or stresses me the day before makes me weaker.z
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