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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/19/2003 6:06:57 PM EST
OK, fess up. When have you reacted to a situation in a Hollywood way? Some years ago, I was on board when we had a collision with a dock. I was on deck. Seconds before impact, I grabbed a stanchion, looked at my watchmate, pointed at the dock and shouted: "Mister Kennedy!!......." Someone reminded me of that today.
Link Posted: 6/20/2003 2:24:46 AM EST
About 10 years ago my beater (car) was on its last legs, so we were shopping for a car. We found one we liked, but it was a tad too much. The salesman thought he could make us fall in love with it, so he told us to take the car home overnight & drive it around, "no obligation." I've despised car salesmen long enough to see an opportunity, so I said, "OK!" He said I'd have to leave my car on the lot, and that wasn't a problem. I also left a set of keys in case they had to move it. So, that night my wife & I put a bunch of miles on it saying, "Gee, this sure is a nice car. Too bad we can't afford it." I took it back the next day. The salesman comes up with a grin on his face and starts talking about paperwork. I hold out his keys, tell him I decided not to buy the car, and ask for my keys. He acts like he didn't hear a word I said. He suggests, "How about if I get the payments lowered $15?" I reply, "No, I decided not to buy the car. Here are your keys, please give me mine." He looks outside and says, "There's the sales manager! I think he can help us work this out!", and he [i]turns his back on me[/i] and walks away! Frustrated, I follow. When I get outside the sales manager says something about working the deal then they [i]both[/i] turn their backs on me. At that point (within earshot of several potential customers) I yelled, "HOLD IT!" They both stop and turn around. I said, [b]"What we have here is a failure to communicate![/b] (a la "Cool Hand Luke) I AM NOT BUYING YOUR CAR! GIVE ME BACK THE KEYS TO MY CAR!" The salesman looked at me and asked, "Does this mean we can't do business with you?" Sheesh! Anyway, it was a golden opportunity to use that line.
Link Posted: 6/20/2003 2:54:27 AM EST
Brohawk, how about: "You think you hate it now, but wait till you drive it!"
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