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Posted: 5/4/2001 6:27:03 AM EDT
I'm so mad that I can bearly type this. On the front of today's NY Times is a story headlined "Torricelli Investigators Study Mailing by Gun-Rights Group". The gist of the story is that Torricelli, an ardent anti-gun politician, PAID the Coalition of New Jersey Sportsmen to send a letter to all gun-owners in NJ just before the election. The letter claimed that Dick Zimmer, the Republican candidate, was no better than Torricelli on gun rights and advocated voting for an obscure Convervative Party candidate (who got a whopping 1.8% of the vote) or abstaining. If its true, this is just great. One of the most anti-gun politicians may have gotten re-elected because some gun owners group was stupid. Apparently, the Coalition was upset that Dick Zimmer was retreating on gun rights. Never mind that Mr. Zimmer's stance was much more moderate than Torricelli. Never mind that the Republican control of the Senate would have been had a 2 vote majority instead of the current even split. This is a perfect example of why the burn the heretics approach to voting does not work. The Chairman of the Coalition is Richard A. Miller. According to the Times, he formed an alliance with Torricelli weeks before the election. Now, I want to be fair. So far, I've only seen the Times' story and the Times has its own ax to grind. Are there any NJ members who can explain why the Coalition took money from an anti-gun candidate like Torricelli to siphon votes away from Torricelli's only viable oposition? NJ sportsmen should consider turning out of office Mr. Miller. At best, his actions seem unbelievably stupid.
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 9:42:54 AM EDT
Valk, interesting but i did not see anything in the Star Ledger about this today. i am not a reader of the commie pinko paper from new york. not that the Ledger is any better, it is not, but...i'll be interested to see if anyone knows more about this. cannot stand torricelli. i hope next election we go totally republican.
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 7:53:15 PM EDT
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