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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 2/18/2006 2:27:23 PM EDT
The story

This happened in 2000; apparently they recently got a break in the case. It just flabergasts me that girls like this think that nothing will happen to them - kind of like the girl that went to Jamaica on her senior trip. Newsflash - Western girls from the first world should be a bit more cautious when dealing with the natives, especially when alcohol and sexual desires are flowing.

I have two girls myself - what kind of father sits back and says "sure honey, go for it" when they mention what they are thinking of doing?

A beautiful 21-year-old woman from England, Blackman traveled to Tokyo in May 2000 and found what she thought would be a fun job at the center of the city's night life. Three months later, Blackman's story ended tragically, in a grisly crime that exposed the dark underside of the exclusive clubs in Tokyo's Roppongi district.

The mistake Blackman most likely made on the afternoon she disappeared was to accept a date and a ride with a club customer. From the time she disappeared, her father had his own profile of a likely suspect.

"Lucie will have had a customer in the club who she felt was a real guy and a proper bloke. He would have been older than her. He would have been well-dressed, obviously wealthy, reasonably good-looking, and would have a really smart car and Armani clothes," Tim Blackman said. "And if he said to her, 'Look, Lucie, you know, it's a bit dull in this club. Why don't you come out with me on Saturday or something?' And then she would have given that very serious consideration."

It turns out the hostess clubs encourage such dates with customers called "dohans." Some clubs even require them. Where Lucie worked, there was a quota.

Blackman generated her share of dohans. They are specifically not intimate encounters but lavish dinner dates that always end by bringing the customer back to the club, generating more business.

In a nighttime world where teasing and sexual banter are part of the atmosphere, there are bound to be some customers driven to take things too far.

Police leaks to the media theorized that Blackman had died from an overdose of drugs administered by Obara and that he had panicked and hastily disposed of the body.

It's too traumatic for Blackman's mom to try to piece together her daughter's final moments.

"The thought that somebody as evil as that being the last person that was with my daughter, you know, it just does my head in, and I can't bear it. And that's what I have to think that she just went to sleep like Sleeping Beauty," Jane Blackman said.

Obara's trial continues and may last months longer. He denies the charges against him.

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