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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 2/5/2006 10:53:22 AM EDT


Yes folks, you saw it here first (unless you saw it on Red Ferret Journal or Engadget, two of the finest blogs on technical and wonderous things). A new feline next generation litterbox named Catseat enables you to toilet train your cat then fit the seat to your existing toilet so your cats can use the your own toilet and eliminate wastage altogether.

Using kitty litter can be an expensive and unpleasant business, and one of the most vulnerable areas in a home's health regime. Cats need to step in the litter to use the litter tray and often track portions of the contents when they have finished, Then there's the changing and disposing of the contents regularly.

The CatSeat is designed to wean your cat off litter. This is accomplished by gradually reducing the level of litter available to your cat(s). The retractable shelves in the Catseat are textured to replace the feel of litter for your cat.

It is an instinctive reflex for your cat to want to "cover up". The rough texture of the shelves satisfies that need. They also provide a comfortable footing while concealing the litter, water (if mounted), and waste below.

The waste collects into a self-closing disposable bag that you simply throw away - the cat doesn't see the bag which remains hidden beneath the litter-textured shelves.

Once your cat is successfully using the CatSeat as a replacement to the litter-box, it is designed to mount to your toilet. It is slightly oversized to allow your cat to easily balance on the seat, and the textured shelves replace the feel of litter which satisfies their need to "cover up".

Link Posted: 2/5/2006 10:54:44 AM EDT
too bad my cat only drinks from the toilet
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 10:57:38 AM EDT
how does the cat flush the toilet?
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 10:57:40 AM EDT
Man I wonder if my crazy ass cat would use it. Now what would be super cool is if they learn to flush afterward.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 10:59:00 AM EDT
old news.
I sold the Kitty Whiz(the original) when I managed a petshop in the mid-80's and it had been out a while.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 11:06:49 AM EDT

Originally Posted By gaspain:

That looks like a good avatar pic.

My grandmother had a cat that would use the toilet. She just had to remember to leave the lid up and to flush occasionally.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 11:09:01 AM EDT
Oh great. Now when I have to use it the cats in there.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 11:16:16 AM EDT

Originally Posted By SWS:

Originally Posted By gaspain:

That looks like a good avatar pic.

My grandmother had a cat that would use the toilet. She just had to remember to leave the lid up and to flush occasionally.

+1 our katt does the same
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 11:17:01 AM EDT
a buddy of mine has ten cats I guess that toilet would stay rather busy
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 11:22:56 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 11:49:39 AM EDT
Bob Banks: What is that smell?
Jack Byrnes: That smell, Bob, is our shit. Focker flushed the toilet in the den so the septic tank overflowed.
Greg Focker: I told you, Jack, it wasn't me, it was Jinx.
Jack Byrnes: FOCKER, I'm not gonna tell you again. Jinx cannot flush the toilet. He's a cat for Christ sakes!
Larry: The animal doesn't even have thumbs, Focker.
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