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Posted: 7/19/2008 6:26:03 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/19/2008 6:28:16 PM EST by The_Camp_Ninja]
So, I went to the landfill to throw away a bunch of crap from my basement. It was a nice day, and I and a few other dudes were out there tossing shit out of our trucks into the landfill. Up pulls a "Birmingham Hide and Tallow" truck, and backs up next to us. This was a BIG truck, almost as big as a truck like what DustyC drives, but the payload tipped, so it could dump. It stank like absolute horror even as it pulled up, and the guys and I look at each other and wonder what the shit is going on here. As it started to tump, blood was coming out, followed by pigs. Big, bloated, FOUL smelling pigs. They were puffed up like balloons, and would 'spode when they hit the ground. I'm not kidding. And entrails, and heads, and all other manner of foulness as a had never imagined could be. I cannot describe the smell, or the sight. All of us were hurrying up as fast as we could, and struggling not to vomit. To make matters worse, the tractors started in on the pile of 'sploded pigs right away, which just stirred up that terrible shit. Really, it was damned horrifying. But, I must be over it, because I just had a satisfying meal of pork ribs.

Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:27:30 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:27:58 PM EST
You passed up free meat?
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:28:23 PM EST
They were from that Army medical training exercise!!11!!1!!!1!
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:29:07 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:29:22 PM EST
I can actually still smell the damned stink, and I have showered three times since.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:30:06 PM EST
If you were very close the stank will get into your skin, and you will wear it for a couple of days.

Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:30:18 PM EST
If thats the most horrific disgusting thing you have ever seen you have led a fairly mild life. Lots of shit goes down in the world way worse than animal renderings.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:31:39 PM EST

Originally Posted By thexrayboy:
If thats the most horrific disgusting thing you have ever seen you have led a fairly mild life. Lots of shit goes down in the world way worse than animal renderings.

Yes, I have, and I am quite happy and grateful for that fact. So, yep, this was the most horrible thing ever. I've seen a body or two, but nothin' like this.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 6:35:01 PM EST
Wow, even the sun is nauseated!

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Originally Posted By The_Camp_Ninja:
I can actually still smell the damned stink, and I have showered three times since.

Some of the scent particles attach themselves to your nostril hairs and will break loose through out the day to give you an oh so pleasant reminder of the event.

I learned this the hard way by dealing with decaying bodies. You will be going about your business and the smell will hit you again out of the blue.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 7:47:28 PM EST
I see you failed MS Paint kindergarten. Too bad the smell-a-vision is broken on my PC.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 7:49:38 PM EST
How fun for you. No pic of the ribs?
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 7:50:46 PM EST
I would have liked to see that.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 7:55:54 PM EST
I'm glad there are no pics in this thread.

When I worked for a funeral home, once I had to go to the medical examiner's office for
a pickup, and walked by three trays full of human bones that were neatly laid out for

It was the remains of a dead hooker, found stuffed in a trash can, missing for six months.

As there was nothing useful to the investigation in terms of the decaying flesh, the bones
had been boiled clean by the ME staff. So there was no flesh remaining on them.

But the smell of the bones...I can only say it was an absolutely alien smell. Like nothing
I've ever smelled before or since, and I can remember it vividly to this moment though
it's been ten years.

The worst thing I ever smelled was a rotting armadillo carcass...the carcass of the one
that I'd hit a few nights before on my way to work. I had to drive by that same dead
dillo every day to get to and from work, and it stank like mad for about two weeks or so.

I guess that dillo got its revenge on me in that manner.

Link Posted: 7/19/2008 8:00:02 PM EST
When I was a kid, a buddy and I were riding our bikes on a nice summer day. As we were pedaling along, I saw a dead and bloated cat lying in the gutter. Because I was 13, I figured an exploding cat carcas would be neat, but I didn't realize that the explosion would go forward as well as outward.

I hopped my bike off the curb at full speed and drilled the cat with my back tire. It exploded like a water balloon filled with rotting meat, soaking the back of my legs, the legs of my shorts and my shoes with putrefying and burning hot (it was 110+ out) juice.

It took me the better part of a week to get that smell off my bike and legs. It was a HORRIFYING stench. After that, I've long held the belief that it's better to have a pipe bomb go off in close proximity than to get soaked with death juice..

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