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Posted: 9/15/2004 4:23:43 AM EDT
Now that Clinton's ban is history, we need to let the dust settle, let the election get over, then work on Bush Sr.'s 43 gun assault rifle ban, and Reagan's all inclusive class III ban, Its amazing, at gunshows and everywhere else 85% of the people either have forgetten, or never knew that those two banned guns.. the worse thing about Clinton's , was the hi-cap mags. it affected 19 guns, but most of them you could still buy, just sans a couple of the "evil" features, ie.. bayo lug, flash supressor, etc... Right after I bought my Ar A2 govt carbine, I started saving for a Steyr AUG, then bingo, Bush banned it. I can't afford to pay 3-5k for one now... Someone mentioned on another post that there might be a U.S. company that may start domestically producing Galils,, anyone heard.... Who has U.S. GI M-14 mags at a good price now???
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 5:04:09 AM EDT

Who has U.S. GI M-14 mags at a good price now???

Might give Springfeild a call...
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 5:06:57 AM EDT
I personally think GHWB's 1989 import was far worse than the Clinton ban of '94. Bush Sr's ban affected many more firearms and was just plain stupid. I would rather have had that one overturned anyway.
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 5:17:05 AM EDT
Thanks JNEWT, will check their website,, Power03, glad somebody remembers,,, Just not sure as when the timing would be right to try and see if something could be done about these other bans.. I remember even here in the realatively small area of Bristol, Kingsport , Johnson City, every gunshow had 2-3 class III dealers in attendance, you could buy a full auto Mac. for 500 or less, semi's were about 179.00
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