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Posted: 8/25/2004 3:36:03 PM EDT
as we did several months ago and recently with the “junk law suit” bill and 94 AWB, respectively.  We need to hit the phones and send email after email to our state representatives and government leaders early in the morning on Sept. 13 (the whole day) to let them know that we are not pacified easily or readily.  “Guns do not cause crime, criminals do!”  My state reps. are and have been on board for the support of our 2nd amends. rights.  They reported that their offices were contacted more frequently during the junk law suit bill vote than ever before and any other single issue.  We have 18 days to float this idea for support on the other sites.  I am sure that someone else has already suggested this, but I can not find it on the web or arfcom.

No time to relax and "FEEL GOOD" just because Total Infringement is a day away instead of an hour away.  

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