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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/23/2006 6:40:42 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/23/2006 6:54:19 PM EST by M38A1]
[rant on] I've had my site first hosted with Dellhost, then it moved to Purehost (Purehell as I call it) and it's time to move on. They've had nothing but crap customer service with a pile of excuses for poor uptime. Can't seem to fix the problems but keep taking my money. Then they keep screwing up the frontpage extensions that affect navigation and can't keep it fixed.[/rant off]

So, here's the question with some background. I've been using FrontPage since I had it at the house and it was easy to learn on, but I'm open to something new for a site rebuild. My goal is to have a php forum on the site (discussion, for sale, wanted forums etc), in addition to a plug-in php module for a database of vehicles, (serial numbers, pictures etc.) along with my current content.

I run about 3100000kb (3gig of 50gig available ) transfer each month with a current site of 210mb of 2000 available. Cost is about $20/month.

I'm not the most tech-savy person, but I've done ok so far in getting it where it is today.

1) Do you have a preferred web development package to replace FrontPage you would recommend? Remember, I'm going to have to do some sort of conversion or do a complete rebuild.

2) Do you have a recommended host company cheaper than my current provider that will support the recommended development packaged above?

3) Do you have any pointers/links/references on the php discussion forum and vehicle tracking? The vehicle tracking should have individual userid's/passwords for entry/update capability.

4) All the stuff mentioned above has to work together at the host site as well as have a good customer support system in place.

I know it's long winded, but I need to get away from FrontPage and Purehost and get the other stuff developed.


All the vehicle data is currently in an Access database external to the site that I don't believe will handle the traffic. I currently have queries that I cut/paste into the site then push the updates. So..... I'll also need a conversion to one of the databases that is supported by the host and it's got to be inexpensive as well if possible. MySQL maybe? Also have a few forms and email accounts that must be able to function.
Link Posted: 3/23/2006 8:26:59 PM EST
1. Macromedia products are nice. I use Dreamweaver for webpages and site management.

2. I use hostrocket.com. Came out to something like $7.95 when I paid for 2 years up front. Excellent service from them. Support tickets are answered usually with 4 hours if not faster.

3. Phpbb board is a good forum/portal software... I've also used Vbulletin and Invision Power Board. All of them are easy to configure and maintain. They all can be "skinned" as well to give your forum the look you want. I'm not sure how you would do the php setup for the vehicle updates. I've never programmed anything in php.

4. Dreamweaver works with almost every web programming language out there.. asp, php, cgi, etc. etc. Hostrocket will take whatever you throw at it.

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