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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/10/2002 12:51:42 PM EST
First (and I know I'm banking on slim odds here), have the Yugo SKS's been approved for sale here in Kalifornia yet? Second, how does the "approved trigger lock" thing work? I assumed that they would do something logical like approve a specific model or models of trigger lock for use on any and all guns. But then I read something on another post that said a trigger lock for the M1A hadn't been approved, so now I assume they are approving locks for each specific gun model? Talk about defacto gun bans... Finally, I know that hollow inert grenades are illegal here, but I thought permanently filled inert grenades were not. If that's true, how would one go about filling an inert grenade, hypothetically?
Link Posted: 1/10/2002 1:12:20 PM EST
You can not get the Yug's in Cal. They have a grenade launcher on them. This is the same reason the Mas rifle is not sold. If the laucher was to be removed then they should be legal.
Link Posted: 1/10/2002 1:24:43 PM EST
Yugo SKSs are close to being an illegal "AW" according to SB23, but are not entirely within the scope of the "AW" laws. The real question is how far the term "capacity to accept a detachable magazine " could be stretched to accommodate an anti-gun prosecutor. [url]http://caag.state.ca.us/firearms/dwcl/12275.htm[/url] However, the grenade launch attachment 'could' be considered a destructive device per this: [url]http://caag.state.ca.us/firearms/dwcl/12301.htm[/url] If it is modified so it cannot function to launch grenades, it should be OK. You will need an approved trigger lock or a safe to take possession of any firearm. The law as implemented is requiring DOJ to match a specific lock make and model to a specific firearm make and model. It appears that the SKS is not yet on the list, so you will need to present evidence of safe ownership to take possession of one. [url]http://caag.state.ca.us/firearms/fsdcertlist.htm[/url] As far as metal grenade-shaped objects go, they are illegal in California without exception (Penal Code 12020(a)(1)). [url]http://caag.state.ca.us/firearms/dwcl/12020.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 1/10/2002 6:25:45 PM EST
RichinCM, thanks very much for the links. But I did notice this upon reading more closely through the statutes: (b) Subdivision (a) does not apply to any of the following: (15)Any plastic toy handgrenade, or any metal military practice handgrenade or metal replica handgrenade that is a relic, curio, memorabilia, or display item, that is filled with a permanent inert substance or that is otherwise permanently altered in a manner that prevents ready modification for use as a grenade. So what counts as "permanently filled"? Could I just pour in some concrete or some other agent that will harden? Or would I need to have it filled with dirt and welded shut again? I guess that would be a question for a lawyer...
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