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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/23/2002 7:31:13 PM EST
OK, I am too lazy to mull through all the results that popped up when I tried doing a search, and some of the information appears conflicting, so here goes. Three questions: Installing a muzzle brake on a post ban rifle. 1. What are the accepted legal methods? I understand simple use of set screws with a brake that slides over a non-threaded muzzle. How about the use of a threaded muzzle? I thought that putting a pin through the brake into the thread and welding over the pin would be sufficient. Also heard someone mumbling something about the actual type of thread being important (as in, non-standard thread would make it all legal ... seems iffy) 2. Kalifornia, land fruits, flakes and nuts. Now I have been told that they can't have threaded barrels, period. What are they up to NOW? Tell me they're kidding. 3. OK, so threads on the outside are generally frowned upon. Can't we just thread the inside of the muzzle and make a brake that has the matching thread on it? Would that be OK? That would make life easy - and the KDF "Convert-A-Brake" the way to go ... I just want someone to end my confusion, so I can get on with building uppers and not have to stop and do legal research before telling a customer that I cannot tell them what they can and cannot do where they live, but that I can point them to a good source of information .... M
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 7:40:53 AM EST
Originally Posted By MartytW: [b]OK, I am too lazy to mull through all the results that popped up when I tried doing a search,[/b]
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My dial-up would load soooo much faster if there was not soooooooo much board space used to discuss this topic so many times a week with constant new threads for "pin, weld, threading, silver solder"........I recall seeing 3 or 4 theads inline all for silver solder recently.
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 8:19:22 AM EST
SBR7_11: Agreed - this is one that needs a sticky at the top of the forum. MartyW: 1. Blind pin and weld over the pin, or high temp (1100F) silver solder, or seam weld at least halfway around the brake. If there's no flash suppressor made for a particular thread, it doesn't have to be covered, but that would mean getting a custom brake and custom threading job. I'd recommend and oddbal like 1/2-40 or even an odd pitch if you want to go that route. If it's a standard 1/2-28 or 1/2-36 or such, then the brake needs to be permanent to cover up the threads. 2. It's true, no clue what they're really up to, except banning all guns bit by bit. 3. Yes, provided no flash suppressor exists to fit those threads. Whether the threads are internal or external doesn't matter, as long as there are no flash suppressors for it, it'd be legal. However, it would be a pain in the ass custom job to have a special inside threaded barrel and outside threaded brake.
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 9:45:44 AM EST
Don't forget in addition to a non-standard thread the brake cannot function as a 22mm diameter grenade launcher. What's really needed is a complete legal FAQ that covers all firearms and AW related legal issues. The same transfer, shipping, preban, postban, flash suppressor etc. questions come up all the time.
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 2:01:47 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 3:33:21 PM EST
Originally Posted By Troy: That would be a HUGE tome that few would read. But, I've been working on a much more limited and focused AR15-related legal FAQ. Unfortunately, demands on my time have been great, and I haven't had much time to work on it. It's nowhere near complete. But I hope to have something to post in the next couple of months. No promises on the time-line, though. -Troy
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Good god man. What's more important! Give up your job, family and personal life and get to work! [:D] I didn't mean all at once. I was thinking more like a searchable FAQ web page similar to the ATF FAQ with links to other sites for additional info.
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 5:50:50 PM EST
Gents, many thanks. SBR7_11 - you're absolutely right and I do apologize. I was somewhat overwhelmed by the number of results, and was looking for that "sticky" as it was called - one definitive answer, preferably a copy of the ATF ruling. One of the points that still confuses me - non-standard thread. We use 5/8x24 for all our threads, but we have A2 FH that fit these threads (courtesy of KKF) by special request for LEO orders. These are virtually indistinguishable from the "real" A2, other than that the two grooves at the back end are not as deep and the thread is 5/8x24 .... As to the internal thread, that would be a snap for us with a bottom tap, and in the Brownell catalog you will find a KDF "Convert-a-brake" made specifically for this purpose. The main reason for the question was to determine whether the use of that brake would require additional fixation (blind pin, etc) or if it could be left as is (removable for hunting for instance). Also, I was really looking for that write up I could point my customers to (or send the link) so they can ascertain for themselves what can and cannot be legally done (and get myself out of the "Marty said ..." loop) And it is therefore true that the folks in CA cannot have a threaded barrel AT ALL? Yikes! Again, aplogies for tying up bandwith and thanks for the replies. Marty
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