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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/3/2005 2:10:03 PM EDT
The wife has finally come around after the recent events, and said we definately need to get a couple of AR15's immediately.

I'm trying to keep her on it, and was telling her about a thread I read on here last night. I really want her to read it, but I can't find it.

It had a post inside it quoting a guy (i think from another forum) telling the story of him and his brother loading into the truck and heading into NO to try and grab a motorcycle and irreplacable family items. It was sent to me as a direct link at work last night, and I have no clue what forum it was in.

Can't even check the email as it was a work intranet IM type thing.

Link Posted: 9/3/2005 3:09:22 PM EDT
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I wanted to post what is REALLY going on in this city. The news stations are only showing a minuscule part of reality. This post may offend some people but I will post what I saw, like it or not it is REALITY.

Well last night I was watching the 6pm news when they announced the 17th street canal pumps failed as well as another break in the levee. My house is right off St. Charles Ave. and up to 6pm yesterday is was the only part of the city that was dry. Since the pumps failed and the new break St. Charles Ave. would be under 9ft of water in the next 12-15hrs. My brother and I felt if we wanted to save anything we had to leave NOW. We loaded up flashlights, rope, our medical ID's, our .45 Glocks, 2 shotguns and rode out. En-route we listened to the radio which broadcasted all the news about the looters and what not, in hindsight it was a mistake. My mother didn't want us to go by dad who is a Vietnam vet told to be safe and "shoot to kill" if it ever comes to that.

One the way we had to pass 5-6 checkpoints to allow entry into the city. We stated we were medical personnel who were activated, showed our ID and off we went. On the radio reports were coming in about the officer who was shot in the head, the 2 gunman who opened fired on the NOPD station, and how looters were carjacking cars to get out of the city. This started making my brother nervous and giving seconds thoughts.

Anyway we get to the city and it looks like a freaking war zone. The best visual I can give is the movie "Blackhawk Down" when all the Somalians are rushing the city. They are people EVERYWHERE, they are pissed off, and all have weapons, 2X4's, Axes, and guns. If this wasn't bad enough we are 2 white boys in a truck in a sea several hundred armed pissed off blacks. There wasn't a white person to be found. I couldn't get over the little 8-10yr old kids with weapons; I even saw one carrying a claw hammer!

These people were absolutely nuts; rammed trucks (stolen I'm sure) in to jewelry stores; stealing items, they were tearing apart Wal-Mart carrying out TV's, Play stations, DVD players, etc. One lady was wheeling out an entire rack of merchandise, not sure what it was but sure wasn't clothes or food. They were all laughing and carrying on like its freaking Christmas.

We got stuck in traffic when we see the group of guys walking down the street w/ AK-47's, at that point the "pucker factor" kicked in, a couple Glocks and shotguns were no match for that. We haul azz trying to get to Uptown when we see these people chopping down the front door w/ an axe of this $4-5 million dollar mansion on ST. Charles Ave. I was just in total awe because it was so surreal. Making matters worse its 11pm at night there is no electricity and you really can see anything or anyone until they are right up on you.

Our plan was to be in and out in 30min, this included putting his Harley on the trailer. It would have taken me 5-10min tops to get my stuff; all I wanted was my pictures from college, my clothes/shoes, and my computer tower. Well, he got scared saying we are going to get jumped while putting the bike on the trailer. Keep in mind this is the only area in the city that is dry. So just like rats that move to higher ground these people were doing the same. Word must have gotten out that Uptown was dry so there started to be a large influx of people.

Needless to say he wanted to go home rather than take our chances. While it was the smart thing to do I was beyond infuriated w/ him because we made it this far. He just kept saying our lives aren't worth it. So we turned around, our next challenge was getting out of the city while not getting jacked. Reports came out that people were jumping in the back of truck holding the drivers at gunpoint. Traffic started to slow so I just nailed it got out as fast as I could.

Even though he was the voice of reason I'm still pissed. All I have is my life and the clothes on my back. I lost my house (which is now 9ft underwater) ALL my clothes, TV, computer, furniture, and photo albums and videos from childhood and college. What makes this worse is, my brother owned the house and I was a tenant and I didn't have renters insurance, hindsight is 20/20.

I also hope every one of the F**king looters get Tetanus, E-Coli and F**ING drown. I'm serious I really hope they all die for what they were doing to the city, killing people, and destroying homes. Never in my life have I ever seen people act live savages, it was truly sickening.
Link Posted: 9/3/2005 5:18:30 PM EDT
thank you VERY much!
Link Posted: 9/3/2005 5:32:34 PM EDT
Congrats on the new ARs.
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