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Posted: 6/21/2001 5:44:08 PM EDT
Now what I'm going to tell you came from a LEO how was told of this when he was at the Chicago police academy. Now after I heard this I held my boy for about an hour. It all started out on a warm July this couple bring home there new baby from the hospital. They where a young couple and having problem like all young couples do. It was September when they think this stared happening the baby was beaten, burnt and abused all the time by the mother and father.They thought that the baby was the cause of all there problems. Then around November people of the building that they where living in where asking where the baby was they couple just keep telling them that the baby was seeing family in another state. It was not until January that someone started to get a little suspicion about the baby and called the police. The police showed up and talked to the couple and asked where there baby was they gave the PD the same story. Well the PD called both of the couples parents and asked if they had seen the baby. They replayed that they had not seen since it was born. The PD had gone back to the couple to ask a few more questions. They caught them in a lie when they said that there baby was with the mothers parents. Both where taken in for questioning and this is what they got out of the one that cracked. They had taken the baby and cut it's head off let all the blood drain out of the body. Then they took the body and cut the legs arms off and skinned the baby. Then they cut all the meat off the baby and crushed the bone in to powder what they could and placed the rest under a large rock. Then they took the meat and battered it and deep fried it and tried to feed it to there dog but the dog would not take it. After that they took the meat and placed it in freezer bags and left it in there freezer. When the PD searched the house they did find the meat of the baby in freezer bags and found the bones under the rock. They are in prison now serving a life term.
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 5:52:11 PM EDT
Thanks... Knowing that particular story is going to help the rest of us how, again?
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 5:59:27 PM EDT
sounds like a urban legend ive heard it before just in my version the "parents" where crack heads or other drug users
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 6:11:41 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 6:17:07 PM EDT
What did they do with the baby's head?
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 6:35:52 PM EDT
Sounds just like your average late term abortion.
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 6:37:19 PM EDT
No thanks, none for me.
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 7:09:02 PM EDT
So, was it good eatin' [:E] I KNOW, that was soooo WRONG, but I had to. That is fu#ked up! I don't know what it is with people lately, but sometimes I wonder if it can get any worse here...but it always does. This is just like the woman who drowned her five children (one at a time), only the butchering part is even worse. People who do this scare me, and you can never tell who THEY are. That is why I need my guns [:)>]
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 7:10:00 PM EDT
sometimes I wonder why I even bother coming to this board [rolleyes]
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 7:22:24 PM EDT
Sad part is, doctors do this to babys all the time. Just before they are born. It's called ABORTION. Ever see the pictures of how a baby is ripped apart in a suction procedure. How come doctors aren't serving life sentences. You are a hyporcite if you are upset with a story like this and remain pro abortion.
Link Posted: 6/21/2001 8:06:58 PM EDT
Originally Posted By SinistralRifleman: No no no, that isn't the true story. The real story was the mom was in her 3rd trimester, and one night she woke up in a bath tub full of ice and bloody water with crude stitches on her abdomen. She found a note next to the tub, "WE HAVE YOUR BABY, HAH HAH GO TO HOSPITAL AND GET FIXXED. HAVE MORE BABIES WE COME BACK FOR THEM TOO!" Turns out some greedy chinese businessmen were exporting fresh American unborn babies back to their homeland through LongBeach California using Cosco shipping. I heard it in an AOL Conspircay chatroom so it has to be true.
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How ironic. Last year in Ravenna, Ohio a woman who was 8 months+ pregnant came up missing. Her husband had last talked to her while he was at work as she was going to meet someone that wanted to see the Jeep Cherokee that they had for sale. That's the last time he saw her. The investigation revealed that the woman that she was meeting was a nut job who was faking a pregnancy. The nut job abducted the pregnant woman. killed her and did an emergency c-section and stole their baby and buried her in the garage.. She did all this while her husband was at work at the Portage Co. jail as a corrections officer. She told him that she had gone to the hospital, delivered early and then came home with the baby. It is unbelievable that the husband was not charged. The cops there say he believed everything she told him. Well as the police came to the house to serve a search warrant based mainly on her conflicting statements and phone records she closed herself in a room and killed herself. The baby was returned to the father after DNA tests confirmed that it was their child. It gets a little more bizarre. She had faked a pregnancy and miscarriage before. The two couples had met a few months earlier at a local Babies Are Us store while they were shopping for baby items. The nut job began stalking her from there. I shit you not folks this is no urban legend, it happened. The dead woman's brother works in the computer tech support for the city where I am a cop. It was all over the T.V. news, Radio and News Papers here in N.E. Ohio. I had to leave out some details to make a long story short but that is the jist of it.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 4:42:16 AM EDT
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I shit you not folks this is no urban legend, it happened.
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True, unfortunately.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 4:57:59 AM EDT
Not to say this story is not true, but I lived in Chi-town for a good while and nevery heard that one. Not to say things like that don't happen. There is a Chicago story that is even worse. About 5 years ago, a group of criminals broke into a single mother's apartment and cut her unborn baby out of her womb and took it. Turns out that the father of the baby was a member of the crew who stole it. The new girlfriend of the father was the ringleader. The woman also had a few other children. The crew kidnapped the 7 year old boy (apparentely because he was a witness) and proceeded to try to kill him with poison and other means over the next few days. They finally beat him to death. These freaks were arrested and are now on death row in Ill. Thanks to the liberals, they probally will never get the ultimate penalty
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 7:02:59 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 7:17:01 AM EDT
Just another reason why I wont be a cop. They would have "fallen down the stairs" "landed on pointly glass shards" "steped on a rake" "bumped into a light pole" "hit their heads while getting in the cop car" "then drowned in the police car after I had to swerve off the road to avoid hitting an old lady" And that is a sick story.
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 8:57:34 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/22/2001 9:29:29 AM EDT
Sick. This is sick. Like you said, I will hug my kid too.
Link Posted: 6/23/2001 7:21:50 PM EDT
Hay I know theres people out there that skin baby for a sacrifice. I have walked on unholy ground where no angle will ever tread. I'll tell you it is scary as hell even in the day time. This is no BS. You Can belive me or not I done care at all but I know what i saw and thats all that matters to me. And no I never saw a baby being sacrificed.
Link Posted: 6/23/2001 8:42:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/23/2001 9:08:58 PM EDT
Now that we are on the Subject of people killing their own babies... not that i find the subject amuzing, a mother of five in houston drown every one of her 5 kids. the dumb bitch claims to be suffering from post partum depression and drowned them one by one. the oldest one realized what she was doing, and ran out of the house and the bitch went after him and dragged him to the tub and drowned him too. I am very bothered by this, this bitch better FRY!!!!
Link Posted: 6/23/2001 9:19:08 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/24/2001 1:37:46 AM EDT
all your babies are belong to us!
Link Posted: 7/1/2001 2:27:10 AM EDT
Ya thats pritty fucked up.
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