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Posted: 9/3/2004 10:08:23 AM EDT

They have no problems going out and brainwashing people with their bullshit.
We need to see that we're working on spreading the word too, just as they are.
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 10:48:14 AM EDT

I registered five new voters today in 20 minutes.

Today I'll register 15-20 new voters at the local junior college.

You should too people.

We got a great candidate but he's gonna need our help to win.

Right Write a letter to the editor.

seabeyond (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-03-04 12:30 PM
Response to Original message

1. how do you know if you are registering dem or repug

and can i wear a kerry pin, talk about kerry

Exactly, motherfucker. How do you know your 'helping' sKerry at all? For all you know, every single one of those people will vote for GeeDub.

Downtown I use a folding ironing board and got some Kerry posters from the local Democratic headquaters I tape on the side facing out.

Like the ironing board 'cause it's so portable and the right height for people to write on.

i collect the voter registration cards and turn them into the Democrats so they can enter and corrolate the information before they go to the elections clerk.

Call your nearest Democratic Headquaters for information specific to your state.

They have lots of different tasks that need to be done for a win this year.

Oh, that's right. He probably just culls the Republicans out and throws them in the trash.

I think this is a great insight into the inner (mis)workings of the Democrat mind. These people just assume that the 'common' man wants to vote Democrat, like it's some universal constant.

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