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Posted: 10/10/2005 11:01:23 AM EDT
I really love reading this forum. It has opened my eyes to things I didn't know about the Bible or the Lord.

I want to thank everybody in this room for their contributions because it ALL helps. I am a practicing Catholic and love going to Church but this daily "fellowship" really makes my day.

Link Posted: 10/10/2005 2:41:25 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/11/2005 6:58:57 AM EDT

No complaints about the Mod or how the majority of members dominate the discussion????

And you call yourself an Arfcommer!!!!!!!!

What's this world coming to?

BTW, I've also learned a lot here about those who believe the same as me and differently. This forum is a source of mutual learning and encouragement for fellow Christians, and helps us better understand those who aren't (and you know who you are!).
Link Posted: 10/11/2005 8:11:16 AM EDT
It has helped me a grea deal as well. It makes me hit the books and more importantly, it makes me pray more.

I enjoy hearing others beliefs. It does not mean I condone some but it certainly helps me see them without ignorance.

With those I consider to be far outside my belief system, I strive to understand. I was an Atheist most of my life and I know most of their positions though not all, like Dino for example, glad to see his perspective and I now wish I was open minded like him when I was an Atheist.

To those who are in my belief systems but have differing viewpoints, I try to find common ground asa Christian. Sure it would be to easy to find things I can argue about in both groups, but that would not really serve any purpose other than serving my pride.

I may be in agreement with 99% of the other Christians on this board on most things but at the flick of a switch we could be fighting about all manner of things that only serve to separate. I see this as an open forum and that being the case I must remember those how are on the outside (of my faith) are looking in and some may be sincere seekers. For them to see folks who claim to reflect the love of CVhrist to be attacking each other and tearing each other down only hurts rather than helps.

I could pick ANY thread by ANY Christian authoor and find points to argue and divide us. Infant Baptism, I see threads about it al the time, I do not really get involved because I see how its a core issue or some and its painfully obvious I cannot change their mind, and in fact I dont need to, their view will not really condemn them anyway. Roman Catholicism or Catholocism threads in general , I am at pretty strong odd with the Roman Church and its offshoots or rites as one called them. I chose not to get too far into that discussion. My nickname if the nickname Pope Leo gave Marting Luther. That should explain most of my views on that if one wants to delve into it further. I wont argue it here with others, I see no purpose. I know many Catholics and I see them as Christians as well though I have grave reservations about the motivation and Spirit driving their leadership, but like I said, that not something I am going to argue in an open wheere I feel led to learn here, not battle at this time. Same for LDS but I seek to understand, not fight at this time.

I can probably find many things to argue about with other Christians. My Christian beliefs are probably in the minority and probably considered outright heresy by some. Its just too easy to take the human approach and fight rather than to learn.

If I choose or feel led to pick up the sword and go at it with a belief I strongly feel is going to condemn a soul or many souls, I will use the knowledge learned here and elsewhere to better fight with actual knowledge instead of hearssay and rumor.

If I see my personal beliefs attacked here will I get personal and defensive? No and pray continually I do not. I have seen what happens when we think the fight is ours. We have al seen what happends when we think the fight is ours. My faith and belief comes directly from God. I owe it all to Him for my faith and beleif. Had it not been ENTIRELY for Him I would still be lost in my sins rejecting Christ till my dying breath. If my particular view is challeneged here I will honestly explain why its the way I see them and leave it to prayer and Gods will, not my will. I have no need to get overly emotional or defensive about my belief or faith because it does not come from myself and if folks are looking for a fight with me about them I hate to say it but it wont be fun for you. Not becuase I think I can "whip butt" in an argument, far from it, I will calmly explain , give it to God and thats the end of it. Many are driven by pride and the human nature to argue and fight, those who do so are obvious and I have already seen those who I think are motivated from a spirit of pride rather than God.

Anyway I thank God for this forum as I thank Him for everything. I could have avoided it like others but I felt like I was telling God that the opportunity He provided was a bad idea, so I put my focus ito seeing the forum as an opportunity from God.

Link Posted: 10/11/2005 8:17:22 AM EDT
Thank you DoctorCheney223,

I've always believed this forum as an educational experience for all; generally that has been true.

Hope you continue to re-visit!

Link Posted: 10/11/2005 12:37:14 PM EDT

Originally Posted By scuba_ed:
Thank you DoctorCheney223,

I've always believed this forum as an educational experience for all; generally that has been true.

Hope you continue to re-visit!



God bless,

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