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Posted: 8/30/2004 7:01:27 AM EDT
Mrs. Shane rented the old Davy Crockett video by Disney for our son to watch. It ends with the fight at the Alamo and fades out showing Crockett (as the last American standing) swinging his rifle at swarms of oncoming enemy soldiers. After the movie ends my wife asks, "so what happened?" I guess she must have forgotten her history lessons.

So I start to explain to her that all the Americans and Texans at the Alamo died, when I find myself getting a little choked-up. Despite how cheesy the Disney movie is, it got me thinking about the sacrifice of those men. I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else here. Do you think of those desperately brave deeds done by Americans, like those at the Alamo, and get choked-up a little?

Maybe I'm just a bit of a softy.
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Yup ..... I do, Saving Private Ryan will do it every time ....
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Link Posted: 8/30/2004 7:05:31 AM EDT
It's no longer socially acceptable to contemplate the sacrifices men have made for causes greater than themselves, unless done in the name of protest.

<---social outcast, and proud of it.
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