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Posted: 1/29/2002 11:39:26 AM EDT
Last night's episode had a washed-up SWAT guy holding Bosco hostage on a roof. He had relieved Bos of his S&W D/A only pistol. The SWAT maroon wants an officer assisted suicide so, with the SWAT team present with their Mini-14s, he releases the mag, it falls to the ground, and he then fires a shot into the air. He covers Bos with the pistol and the snipers reduce him. End of scene. 1. The S&W pistols have magazine disconnects. WTF? 2. Does the NYPD ESU really use the mini-14 pos or was it just handy for the prop guy? I shouldn't be surprised that some TV a**holes get something to do with firearms incorrect.
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 12:51:03 PM EDT
Also when he took Bosco out to shoot, they did not check the area behind the car, Imagine if a kid or homeless person had holed up it the car. Also Hobart handed Bosco a Remington 660. I have one that rifle was too long for the 660 and did not have the dog's leg, bolt it is rather distinctive.
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 1:56:31 PM EDT
I was wondering about that shooting gallery they went to as well. Was it NY City owned property? Was it designated as a shooting range? It looked like an old abandoned warehouse more than anything. Not secure, no hint as to an appropriate backstop; they didn't even wear hearing protection. What an incredibly irresponsible depiction of police snipers and shooting in general. Also, since when does counter-sniper training consist of merely shooting at some colored targets in the back of a car? WTF??!!!
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 2:29:25 PM EDT
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1. The S&W pistols have magazine disconnects. WTF? 2. Does the NYPD ESU really use the mini-14 pos or was it just handy for the prop guy? I shouldn't be surprised that some TV a**holes get something to do with firearms incorrect.
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The NYPD S&W 5946 pistol WILL fire if there is a round in the chamber and the magazine has been released NYPD ESU does use the Ruger Mini-14...but that's not all they use. No, I am NOT an ESU officer just a regular patrolman, there are ESU members on this website. C'mon guys speak up!
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 2:42:34 PM EDT
Interesting. Is the S&W a modification for the NYPD along the lines of the Glock trigger? Am I correct that the civilian model has a magazine disconnect? My 4006 would not fire with the mag dropped. Does ESU use the mini-14 exclusively for its role or are ARs used (or some other)? Maybe 3rd watch isn't so inaccurate but still irresponsible for that display at the warehouse.
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 11:29:40 PM EDT
I saw an episode of "HOMICIDE LIFE ON THE STREET" where they had this sniper they were trying to hunt down. Detective picks up a spent casing off of a rooftop and says "762 Nato, that most likely narrows it down to an H&K rifle"......?! So they track down all the registered H&K rifles, and sure enough, they find out who the sniper is.
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 12:21:26 AM EDT
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 12:55:09 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Big_Bear: Let me get this straight... the hostage taker drops the mag to the ground and fires one shot into the air, then he points the [b]NOW-EMPTY[/b] pistol at Bosco and the snipers shoot him? That wasn't very smart. A tactical gaffe? Or a technical goof?
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I think we were supposed to understand that the snipers hadn't seen the guy drop the mag--they didn't know that the pistol wasn't loaded. But, the whole time, Bos is screaming out that the mag was dropped; that the guy wants suicide. This seemed to be within earshot of the ESU guy with the mini-14. Once the round was fired into the air, I would think that the mini-14 guy would've been on the radio yelling for the snipers to stand down. Maybe it would've happened too fast. Hummm.
Link Posted: 2/11/2002 8:59:55 PM EDT
wELL i AM CERTAINLY TIRED OF tHIRD wATCH MAKING A MESS OUT OF SITUATIONS. Did you see the episode the other week where Bosco's partner is sick, and they go into the building to look for a killer? She is a couple floors down, no radio call for backup. He goes into a doorway gun first, and gets slammed in the door. No real problem with the story yet. He gets disarmed and shot in the vest, goes down. She gets there, the guy goes guns on her, AND SHE HOLSTERS HER WEAPON AND PLEADS WITH HIM SO SHE CAN GET HER PARTNER. WTF!!! Please, the female officer of America has now been reduced to a crying, teary eyed girl. The guy still is guns on with her, propped up against a bathroom window. Mind you, a frosted, non-see through window, and an ESU sniper drills him through the window. WTF!!! Could that silohuette in the window been the officer? Really bad editing and plot all together. Makes me want to turn it off. If you are gonna try to be realistic, please get it right.
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