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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/2/2002 6:34:17 PM EDT
... possibly been posted here before. Mayor of Hiroshima "What the f**k was that?" General Custer "Where did all these f**king Indians come from?" Catain of the Titanic "Where the f**k is all this water coming from?" John Lennon "That's not a real f**king gun." Richard Nixon "Who's gonna f**king find out?" Albert Einstein "Any f**king idiot could understand that." Abraham Lincoln: Is this play almost over? I'm gonna f**kin' die in here! Christa McAuliffe "I wonder what this f**king button does?" Picasso "It does so fu**ing look like her!" Michaelangelo "You want what on the fu**ing ceiling?" Joan of Arc "I don't suppose its gonna fu**ing rain?" Donald Trump "She wants how much fu**ing money?!?!?" Orville Reddenbacher "Look! Almost every fu**ing kernel popped!" Crew of Apollo 13 "Houston, I think we have a fu**ing problem here" Christopher Columbus "Where the f**k are we?"
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