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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/10/2002 7:38:03 PM EST
Most of you have not heard but... Thursday evening in my area we had a very large wind storm with like 70mph wind gusts. The storm started without anyone knowing it was coming. About 5 min befor it hit the national weather service put out a high wind warning. by the time I left work and got to my home town a(15min drive) nearly all major roads were closed in my area I coulnt get home so I sayed with a friend. Let me tell you peaple went ape shit. my intire town was out of power street lights and all and it was dark. I live in a small town but it was like people forgot how to drive at every intersection it was a free for all. and inbetween it was 65 or 5mph there was trees and debre everywhere. and then people decided to buy generators and batterys there were two stores open in town and everyone tghere was buying batterys. this was a wake up call to me that aparently no one is prepared anymore. also it became real evedent how much not haveing wood heat sucked. people can say all they want about how this or that is better but when the power is out there knoking at your door because you have wood heat. I work at a place that sells generators and by the end of the next day we were damn near sold out. I dunno I guess people are stupid and dont think of things before they happen. man thaT was a long post oh well
Link Posted: 2/10/2002 7:59:14 PM EST
People are always in a state of denial, "it won't happen to me" kind of philosophy. Most people are procrastinators, and will wait until the last moment to acquire emergency supplies and generators, and of course be venerable to the market. That is why you should be prepared ahead of time, so that you can survival these type of inconviences.
Link Posted: 2/10/2002 8:58:47 PM EST
OR Shooter, I don't know where you live but we had much of the same down in So. OR. as well. Having lived in the Portland area though for 10 years, I can safely say that when P. town has any sort of an issue - it is panic mode. I blame it on the Cali influx. I used to love watching everyone drive in the snow. The best - the flood of '96. The night the river crested downtown - I was downtown all night, just walking around from bridge to bridge looking at the of the river front condos under water. I agree though - most of us, myself included are a bit under prepared.
Link Posted: 2/10/2002 10:48:05 PM EST
This last fall when the depressed app. region was hit with a massive flood(WV,KY,the like)a lady I knew from the red cross went down to act as a go-between for the victims and NG that was given out supplies.She said it was a poor area and that the victims in a few cases raided NG' men of their water at gunpoint. On 9/11 I was home so I helped my parents fill up a few vehicles that had below half a tank(my dad is in the oil buisness and said they had rumors that the refineries could be down for at least a month).I was about sixth in line and the station had to have guards posted to keep people from hording gas in drums.Being a smaller town the cops went "Red Dawn" mode and tried pushing themselves off as dictators by telling people at random to get out of line," No gas for you."because of the congestion in the lines.I overheard a group of guys behind me talking about how they would like to see if the cops were so tough looking down the barrel of a AR-15 should the state of the nation deterioriate further.They were your typical wannabes who I think wanted to be pushed. If the SHTF I woul'nt worry about roving bands of mutants[:D] or martial law ,but a neighbor and his shotgun,because he know s that he has to provide for his family and that I (could) have food.Because at that time IMHO the animal comes out in people and instead of rational bartering(not supply scalping) or helping those in need people get greedy and desperate,and combine those and you have dangerous.Throw that in with the anarchists just waiting to live their fantasy of "Mad Max" and you have quite a imbroglio.
Link Posted: 2/10/2002 11:59:49 PM EST
being not prepared is not good but we all get caught up in it from time to time: we got the same storm and it went threw here on sat. came home from the gun show and it was damn cold in the house so I turned up the heat and guess what I have one of those nice electric starters in my furnace and then I noticed the power had been out for awhile. moved here from the mountains of northern ca. 4 years ago to colorado springs and have kinda gotten used to the city life. back then my generator would of just kicked on and the wood stove would of been good heating but I don't have those items anymore and used them quite a few times just a few short years ago. here in the city I do have my survival gear and such but it's more of just personal items like guns and the like. got lots of mre's and propane and other items just in case but man I almost panicked think about not having that dang heat on for a few hours.
Link Posted: 2/12/2002 8:45:50 PM EST
The only thing I found that I would have liked to have was a cell phone. but then the cell was down for a while too. Sence I work at a place that sells generators you can tell how much panic there is. People were buting generators without looking at them. Others were bringing in there generators they bought for Y2k and then threw the shed they had no hours but after they sit for 2 plus years with gas in em things corrode and rust and the gas goes bad ect. I would tell people here that If you have any type of eqip like that especially engene driven use it! You need to know it runs befor you need it. You may think you can put it off but your wrong. take the storm for example the Nat weather service came on the radio with a high wind warning for the mid vally... 5 min later we had 70mph gusts thats not a good time to start working on your generator or to change the batterys in your flashlight. also Me included people always bitch about wood stoves how there dirty irritationg and take alot of work packing wood I too like top turn knobs but every time the power goes out im reminded how great it is. you cant say that with any other heat system even propane witch alot of times req no elec to run the stove if you put off getting fuel your screwed with a wood stove you can hack up bilding materials if you need to. its great
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