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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/29/2001 4:49:33 PM EST
It was to show that, and it was even pointed out, that posts like that do NOT make us gun owners look good. And it doesn't. However, do you honestly think that the "BABE OF THE DAY" thread made us look good? A bunch of horney old men wacking it to some chicks in bikinis, saying, mmm.. i'd like to f*ck her... I noticed my thread got locked, but babe of the day hasn't Hypocrit.
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:03:30 PM EST
Kinda like passing gun control laws to show everyone how ludicrous they are. It's your actions that define who you are. Not your intentions.
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:03:56 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:04:54 PM EST
i like babe of the day and i am not fat and old!!
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:09:06 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:09:26 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/29/2001 5:13:37 PM EST by SgtKiwi]
Originally Posted By Floater: It was to show that posts like that do NOT make us gun owners look good.
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Yeah, good idea... I'm gonna go rob the local 7-11 to show them how lacking they are with security.[;)] edited to say I am without a doubt joking, (no 7-11's anywhere near me anyway. Kiwi
Link Posted: 9/29/2001 5:20:49 PM EST
I still hate NON house cats.
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 3:12:04 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 7:43:35 AM EST
What the hell is the big deal we all no cats are good eat's!!! [:D]
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 7:48:16 AM EST
Cat, It's what's for dinner.. Yes, I have cats.. Three in the house, and one in the wok( with veggies and teriyaki sauce..) In humor, or good eating at least.. Meplat-
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 7:55:48 AM EST
"What the hell is the big deal we all no cats are good eat's!!!" [flame] yup they taste like chicken [flame] I like to smoke mine over hicory and enjoy them with a fine bottle of limbic
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 7:57:38 AM EST
Here we go again!
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 8:00:05 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 8:09:42 AM EST
Well I am glad you taught me a lesson. We need more people like you to straighten us up.
Link Posted: 9/30/2001 8:12:53 AM EST
'dach hase' or 'roof rabbit' in german. there is a law in germany that all rabbits must be displayed with their heads and paws on in the butcher shops. it seems during the war that 'roof rabbits' became very popular fare, and it is impossible to tell the difference between a skinned rabbit and a skinned cat. thus the head and feet law. my inlaws from deutschland still call cats dach hase. willy [:)]
Link Posted: 10/3/2001 7:38:55 PM EST
Originally Posted By raf: The post damaged your reputation.
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Then he follows it with his stupid "Why I don't pledge allegiance" post. I would say that it should be pretty hard to make oneself look like a total jackass online because you have time to think about what you are going to say, but Floater, sarrahjane, et al have proven me to be very mistaken. "Do what you will, just don't expect people to respect your opinions when you are obviously an idiot."
Link Posted: 10/3/2001 8:08:31 PM EST
Isn't a floater a turd that doesn't sink to the bottom?
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