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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/22/2005 1:17:40 PM EST
Verified by numerous sources, it makes the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Family look like the Brady Bunch. This happened several hundred years ago in Scotland. It is a little known, fascinating, and chilling piece of history. It is estimated Sawney and his family murdered and -ate- a thousand people during their 25 year run of terror.


Sawney Bean And His Family.

The following account, though as well attested as any historical fact can be, is almost incredible, for the monstrous and unparalleled barbarities that it relates; there being nothing that we ever heard of, with the same degree of certainty, that may be compared with it, or that shews how far a brutal temper, untamed by education, and knowledge of the world, may carry a man in such glaring and horrible colours.

Sawney Bean was born in the county of East Lothian, about eight or nine miles eastward of the city of Edinburgh, in the reign of James I of Scotland. His father was a hedger and ditcher and brought up his son to the same laborious employment.

He got his daily bread in his youth by these means, but being prone to idleness, and not caring to be confined to any honest employment, he left his father and mother, and ran away into the desert part of the country, taking with him a woman as viciously inclined as himself.

These two took up their habitation in a cave, by the seaside on the shore of the county of Galloway; where they lived upwards of twenty-five years, without going into any city, town or village.

In this time they had a great number of children and grandchildren, whom they brought up after their own manner, without any notions of humanity or civil society. They never kept any company, but among themselves, and supported themselves wholly by robbing: being, moreover so very cruel, that they never robbed any one, whom they did not murder.

By this bloody method, and their being so retired from the world, they continued for a long time undiscovered; there being no person able to guess how the people were lost that went by the place where they lived. As soon as they had robbed any man, woman or child, they used to carry off the carcase to the den, cutting it into quarters, they would pickle the mangled limbs, and afterwards eat it; this being their only sustenance: and not withstanding they were at last so numerous, they commonly had superfluity of this their abominable food, so that in the nigh-time they frequently threw legs and arms of the unhappy wretches they had murdered into the sea, at a great distance from their bloody habitation; the limbs were often cast up by the tide in several parts of the country, to the astonishment and terror of all beholders, and others who heard of it.

Persons who have gone about their lawful occasions fell so often into their hands, that it caused a general outcry in the country round about; no person knowing what was become of their friends or relations, if they were once seen by these merciless cannibals.

All the people in the adjacent parts were at last alarmed at such uncommon loss of their neighbours and acquaintance, for there was no travelling in safety near the den of these wretches: this occasioned spies to be frequently sent into those parts, many of whom never returned again, and those who did, after the strictest search and inquiry, could not find how these melancholy matters happened.

Sever honest travellers were taken up on suspicion and wrongfully hanged upon bare circumstances: several innocent inn keepers were executed, for no other reason than that persons, who had been thus lost, were known to have lain in their houses, which occasioned a suspicion of their being murdered by them, and their bodies privately buried in obscure places to prevent a discovery. Thus an ill-placed justice was executed with the greatest severity imaginable, in order to prevent these frequent, atrocious deeds; so many innkeepers, who lived on the western road of Scotland, left of their business, for fear of being made examples of, and followed other employments.

This, on the other hand, occasioned many inconveniences to travellers, who were now in great distress for accommodation when they were disposed to refresh themselves and horses, or take up lodging for the night. In a word, the whole country was depopulated.

Still the king’s subjects were as much missed as before, so that it became the admiration of the whole kingdom how such villainies could be carried on, and the perpetrators not discovered. A great many had been executed, not one of them all made any confession at the gallows, but maintained to the last, that they were perfectly innocent of the crime for which they suffered.

When the magistrates found all was in vain, they left off these rigorous proceedings, and trusted wholly to Providence, for the bringing to light the authors of these unparalleled barbarities when it should seem proper to the divine wisdom.

Sawney’s family was at last grown very large, and every one of it as soon as able, assisted him perpetrating their wicked deeds, which they still followed with impunity. Sometimes they would attack four, five or six, footmen together, but never more than two, if they were on horseback; they were, moreover, so careful, that not one whom they set upon should escape, that an ambuscade was set on every side to secure them, let them fly which way they would, provided it should ever so happen that one or more got away from the first assailants. How was it possible that they should be detected, when not one that saw them ever saw anybody else afterwards.

The place which they inhabited was quite solitary and lonesome, and, when the tide came up, the water went near two hundred yards into their subterraneous habitation, which reached almost a mile underground; so that when people, who have been sent armed to search all the places about have passed by the mouth of the cave, they have never taken any notice of it, never supposing any human being would reside in such a place of perpetual horror and darkness.

The number of people these savages destroyed was never exactly known; but it was generally computed that in the twenty-five years they continued their butcheries, they had washed their hands in the blood of at least a thousand men, women and children. The manner they were at last discovered was as follows:-

A man and his wife behind him on the same horse, coming one evening home from a fair, and falling into the ambuscade of these merciless wretches, they fell upon them in a furious manner. The man to save himself as well as he could, fought very bravely against them with sword and pistol, riding some of them down by main force of his horse.

In the conflict the poor woman fell from behind him, and was instantly butchered before her husband’s face, for the female cannibals cut her throat, and fell to sucking her blood with as great a gust, as if it had been wine: this done, they ripped up her belly, and pulled out all her entrails. Such a dreadful spectacle made the man make the more obstinate resistance, as he expected the same fate, if he fell into their hands.

It pleased Providence while he was engaged that twenty or thirty who had been at the same fair, came together in a body; upon which Sawney Bean and his blood thirsty clan withdrew and, made the best of their way through a thick wood to their den.

The man who was the first who had ever fell in their way, and came off alive, told the whole company what had happened, and shewed them the horrid spectacle of his wife, whom the murderers had dragged to some distance, but had not had time to carry her entirely off. They were all struck with stupefaction and amazement at what he related; they took him with them to Glasgow, and told the affair to the magistrates of that city, who immediately sent to the king concerning it.

In about three or four days after, his majesty in person, with a body of about four hundred men, set out for the place where this dismal tragedy was acted, in order to search all the rocks and thickets, that, if possible, they might apprehend this hellish crew, which had been so long pernicious to all the western parts of the kingdom.

The man who was attacked was the guide, and care was taken to have a large number of blood-hounds with them, that no human means might be wanting towards their putting an entire end to these cruelties.

No sign of any habitation was to found for a long time; and even when they came to the wretches’ cave, they took no notice of it, but were going to pursue their search along the sea shore, the tide being then out; but some of the blood-hounds luckily entered the Cimmerian den, and instantly set up a most hideous barking, howling and yelping; so that the king, with his attendants, came back , and looked into it: they could not tell how to conceive that anything human could be concealed in a place where they saw nothing but darkness; nevertheless, as the blood-hounds increased their noise they went further in, and refused to come back again; they then began to imagine something or other must inhabit there. Torches were immediately sent for, and a great many men ventured in, through the most intricate turnings and windings, till at last they arrived at that private recess from all the world, which was the habitation of these monsters.

Now the whole body, or as many of them as could went in, and were all so shocked at what they beheld, that they were almost ready to sink into the earth. Legs, arms, thighs, hands and feet of men, women and children, were hung up in rows, like dried beef; a great many limbs laid in pickle, and a great mass of money both gold and silver, with watches, rings, swords, pistols and a large quantity of cloths, both linen and woolen, and an infinite number of other things which they had taken from those they had murdered, were thrown together in heaps or hung up against the sides of the den.

Sawney’s family, at this time, besides himself, consisted of his wife, eight sons, six daughters, eighteen grand-sons, and fourteen grand-daughters, who were all begotten in incest.

Theses were all seized and pinioned by his majesty’s order in the first place; then they took what human flesh they could find, and buried it in the sands; afterwards loading themselves with the spoils which they found, they returned to Edinburgh with their prisoners; all the country, as they passed along, flocked to see this cursed tribe. When they came to their journey’s end the wretches were committed to the Tolbooth, from whence they were the next day conducted, under a strong guard to Leith, where they were executed without any process, it being thought needless to try creatures who were even professed enemies of mankind.

The men were dismembered, their hands and legs were severed from their bodies, by which amputation they bled to death in a few hours. The wife, daughters, and grand-children having been made spectators of this just punishment inflicted on the men, were afterwards burnt to death in three separate fires. They all in general died without the least sign of repentance, but continued cursing and vending the most dreadful imprecations to the very last gasp of life.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 1:26:54 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/22/2005 1:33:17 PM EST by JasoninAZ]
25 years that went on!? Wow, I'm speechless. Anyone have any information on the Chainsaw Massacre? I heard it was a true story or atleast based on one.


Loosely based off this guy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Gein Who acted alone but didn't use a chainsaw
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 1:33:34 PM EST

Originally Posted By JasoninAZ:
25 years that went on!? Wow, I'm speechless. Anyone have any information on the Chainsaw Massacre? I heard it was a true story or atleast based on one.

actually a joke by Tobe Hooper.....the events in the Texas chainsaw massacre are based on a series of events from seperate notorious murders in the U.S. ....things like Ed Gein and such.....but the actually "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" never occurred
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 1:39:56 PM EST
tag for home
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 1:49:15 PM EST
Sounds more like the Eaters of the Dead (13th Warrior) than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 3:08:44 PM EST
It is a wonder no one has made a movie about it. Sounds like one of the scariest things one could imagine, being dragged into that cave.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 3:48:51 PM EST
That would make for a killer movie.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 4:40:03 PM EST
That family was more like zombies than human beings.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 4:45:17 PM EST
The scariest part of that is the "honest travelers" and "innocent innkeepers" who were mistakenly suspected and executed.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 4:47:00 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 4:47:50 PM EST

Originally Posted By Rodent:
The scariest part of that is the "honest travelers" and "innocent innkeepers" who were mistakenly suspected and executed.

I noticed that, too. They had an extremely good hiding place. I believe there were 70 of them in all, and they lived in that hell-hole for 25 years, undetected, sneaking out to grab people at will.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 5:17:07 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 7:37:53 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/22/2005 7:42:52 PM EST by madmedic]
I read a true story in National Geographic that I am SUPPRISED was never turned into a movie.

It went something like this:

This pharmacist murdered a bunch of people by messing with their medication...Then...He relocated when he was run out of business because people began to suspect him.
He got a job at a "Mom and Pops" type of drug store...where he poisoned "Pop", and seduced "Mom" (later killing her too).
THEN....He built a hotel around his drugstore, equipped with secret passageways, AND A POISON GAS DELIVERY SYSTEM CONNECTED TO ALL OF THE ROOMS.
He gassed random tennants, and they were never seen again.
Interestingly...He made money on the side by selling cadaver parts to medical schools and such.

Ill see if I can find a link to some information about it.

His name was H.H. Holmes
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 7:40:01 PM EST
check the courttv website, there was an article about it there.

that house also had trap doors in the floor where people would fall down slides into pits of acid.
Link Posted: 12/22/2005 7:44:11 PM EST
this one is even more messed up, because the guy got away with it. WTF is wrong with japan?:

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