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Posted: 8/15/2007 8:02:27 AM EDT
Rarely on arfcom do I read a rave about a boss and in all honesty my previous boss at my former job was ok, but was unqualified and hypocritical.

I've been working at my current job for less then two years, there are five others with my same job title that have been working much longer then I have. I think the others in my position have at least three years seniority on me. I don't do the same work as my coworkers, I was hired for my niche and it has turn into a different type of job.

I see my boss about once a month and we have a meeting about every 4 months. In yesterdays meeting the Bossman says "I'm working on getting your job title changed. It should have been changed two months after you were hired because of what you took on for responsibility."

Whats so cool about this? I don't have any complaints about the current situation that I'm in, I've never brought up any issues pertaining to pay, hours or workload with him because I'm treated pretty well. The new position would give me a $5-$7 an hour raise essentially doing the same thing I already do. It would actually give me less headaches because I'd have to deal with one less taking-head to procure equipment.

After the meeting broke I had an epiphany: my boss is a Cool SOB

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