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Posted: 9/14/2005 7:25:06 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/14/2005 7:29:33 AM EDT by LUGERMAN]
Can you stand one more account? I thought it was worth passing around. Dated already, but what the heck.

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From: Kimberly
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 9:49 AM
To: Daddy; Erica @ work; Heather @ Work; Lisa; Mario; Mommy @ Work; Pete; Sabrina; Rich
Subject: The Truth about New Orleans

This letter comes from Harry Vee, one of our members here at the club. Harry was a muscian in a big band with the man that sent this email. Finally people realize that it was a STATE issue (the Governor and Mayor dropped the ball on getting the people out of New Orleans). New Orleans became a FEDERAL issue after the fact. So how can they blame Goerge W. for not acting fast enough!

Read on ...

Subject: The truth is never fully told

New Orleans - from a friend of mine, from an acquaintance of his. This is
third hand and in time line is prior to Sep 3.

Ed and I just spent the last hour on the phone with a classmate of mine,
David Kaufman, of New Orleans! He lives in Kings Mansion on Kings Road on
the west side of NO ... directly across the river from the French Quarter. His
home is on the highest ground in the area and he's on dry land. Weird that he has
phone service, huh? He has to sit on his front porch with a generator, 3 Great Danes, a shot gun across his lap and a 45 on the table next to him. In the day time he, walksaround his property with his dogs and his shot gun to let any looter know he's there. Last night, 4 looters were shot and killed in his neighborhood ..
the cops just told the people to drag the bodies out to the street and leave them.

First of all, Dave told us it is worse than your wildest imagination there.
The complete incompetence of the Governor, mayor and the whole state of
Louisiana just boggles the mind. Here's a little piece of news that only someone from N.O. would know .you know what's in the parking lot right next door to the Superdome? 100 TANKER TRUCKS FILLED WITH WATER!!!!!!! But the officials didn't think to release it to the people.

He's frustrated because all the buses and trucks that are now coming into
the city are not only arriving with empty gas tanks, they're empty, period!
They could have been bringing in food and water. There's no gas so how are they
supposed to drive people out.

There is NO POLICE PROTECTION, FOOD, WATER OR MEDICAL HELP ..... PERIOD. His comment to me saying I heard a military medical ship was supposed to arrive from CA was: Yeah, uh huh ... isn't that nice?

He figures it won't be safe anywhere until about Sunday when the federal
troops are expected to arrive . and by then hundreds more will have died
because of the complete incompetence of the state of LA. He said what you see on Fox News is 100% true except 100 times worse than they are reporting.

The storm hit just before all these people were to get their weekly federal
aid money so 10 of them couldn't put 50 bucks together. The city/state knew
this was going to happen and yet did nothing to provide transportation to
these people so they could get out in the first place. David is so frustrated he
can't believe it ... He says the political corruption in LA is unbelievable
and it's going to take the federal government to get their a----- out of
trouble. It is true, the police knew there were gangs planning to stay to loot but
did nothing about it ... to prevent it from happening or stop it once it
started ... they are all arrogant a--holes.

The next paragraph is very important!!!!

He says when it's all over and done with, the nation will be stunned at the
body count and he wants people to know that a lot of it could have been
prevented if not for the State of LA and the city of N.O. That their total
incompetence, arrogance and stupidity is where the buck stops. It was their
total lack of communication to the federal government that has delayed all the
help that was badly needed.

Last January, he attended a meeting with city/state officials to discuss
what should be done in the event of a flood and no one followed up on any of
the things discussed. No policies were ever made ......

BTW . David restores Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles and all 20 of
them have survived because he had the forethought to only buy land in
certain areas. His home, Kings Mansion, is about a 6000 sq ft Georgian home he
regularly rents out to the movie people. A movie set left just (something about King's Men) before the storm and Richard Gere was due to come in about another couple weeks to make a movie.

He said the city is no longer and, he thinks, probably will never be again.
New Orleans is gone forever.

Oh, he has another piece of high and dry ground ... 10 acres ... that FEMA
will be renting from him to set up a tent city.
Harry Vee

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