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Posted: 1/22/2002 3:03:01 PM EDT
Well, sorta. [url]http://www.theonion.com/onion3802/peace_activist.html[/url]
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:05:27 PM EDT
Ya gotta love those guys [;)]
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:08:06 PM EDT
The Onion is kind of balanced for a comedy-news source (not NEARLY as bad as The Daily Show). They still are rabidly anti-gun and run many liberal leaning articles. For example, the article about the 10 year old who shot himself with his dad's handgun, with ensuing praise from the NRA pissed me off.
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:12:20 PM EDT
bsnn.net is better [:D]
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:23:38 PM EDT
The guy's still a silly fvcknut.
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 4:23:05 PM EDT
I like grilled onions. French onion soup. Onion rings. Onion potatoes. Boiled onions. Onion etoufee. Fried onions. Broiled onions. Onion casserole. Onion dip. Onion salad. Sour cream and onion flavored chips. And that's about all. Hey Forest, wanna come grow some onions?
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 4:51:49 PM EDT
"Though I would never, ever so much as touch one, I bet the Barrett is probably very fun to shoot," Robinson said
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