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Posted: 4/20/2007 5:45:53 AM EDT
We are turning into a nation of pansies. Here's a few key points:

-Libtard faculty at VT being afraid to take care of a mentally deranged student who had set his dorm room on fire, stalked female students and threatenened numerous students.
-Students afraid to file charges against a stalker
-Libtard psychologist and court afraid to institutionalize a nut-job
-students cower in fear and wait to be executed

I know this may be cold to say but the ONLY person in this whole mess that acted like a TRUE American was a 78 year old Jewish Holocaust survivor that knowingly sacrificed his life to save his students. During the shooting, the students all acted like they had been taught all their life, which is:
1. Don't confront. Confrontation is bad and not PC.
2. Be nice and PC to people, it will all work out.
3. Passive is good. Aggressive is bad.
4. The govt and police will protect you, you need do nothing.
5. Appeasement is the answer to all problems.
6. Personal responsibility? It's always someone else's fault.

How can any of this train someone to survive?

Being afraid and appreasment is one of the core beliefs of the libtard culture. Their culture of being afraid is actually celebrated by the libtard as a positive attribute that benefits mankind and this nation, and makes others like us.

When the Texas UT sniper started his shooting spree in 1966 from the campus tower, a UT college professor grabbed his deer rifle from his office and started shooting back. Numerous other civilians grabbed their guns as well and joined police in shooting back at the sniper. The police even deputized an armed civilian and asked him to help them ascend the tower and get the sniper. Can you imagine that happening today? The armed professor that shot back would be arrested for having a rife in a gun-free school zone, convicted of a felony, and fired with his career ruined for life. Thanks to the libtards in this country, people are now supposed to just cower in fear and wait to be shot.
Link Posted: 4/20/2007 6:37:46 AM EDT
I hear ya, but some people think you are blaming the victim when you dicuss this aspect of the VT incident.

I work with an older liberal women who is such a criminal appologist, well I just can't figure it out. I mean, some people you can figure out why the way they are, like the obsessive homophobe that is really a homo. I can't figure out why someone would say and thing some of the things this women comes up with.

When there is a crime (and there is always a crime around here) she ALWAYS brings it up and thinks of something the victim could have done. I know, I know, you're thinking "but isn't that what you have done in threads where you suggest the victims could have fough back?"

No, it's different. For instance, an elderly couple was going for a morning walk in a nice neigborhood around here and a young thug whacked them on the head. I can't even remmeber if there was a robbery. She said they should walk without money so nobody would have a reason to rob them. Then in other instances she says you should always have money for the muggers (she always has her mugger money). The war is our fault because we stood up against the terrorsists, the english handled it much better. I could go on and on but she has this rabid pacifist outlook that totally puzzles me.

She also is a rabid bush hater, war protester, gun hater, anything that requires force. I don't understand how she got to be so old.
I don't understand how people could just lie there and be shot, which is what they did from the accounts I've read. The only thing I can come up with is the libtard culture of being afraid. Maybe begin afraid is the wrong phrase, I would be afraid and have been afraid in the past but the fight or flight thing kicks in. I know there are instances where people are frozen in fear but this was a lot of people, what are the chances of that many people being scared into inaction. It's got to be the libtard brainwashing of not resisiting. I think of it as paciifist brainwashing, a libtard and a pacifist are really two different things, at least they used to be.
Link Posted: 4/20/2007 6:41:18 AM EDT
Not blaming the victim.  Blaming the culture that spits out victims like an assembly line.
Link Posted: 4/20/2007 6:46:21 AM EDT
I agree.  I will say that the one possibly good thing about this VT tragedy is that in the past week I have been approached by 3 liberal acquaintances about guns for self-protection.

I said it before, and my theory was validated by the 3rd last night.  They are starting to realize that just accepting their role as a victim is probably not such a hot idea.

It was interesting that none of them had the slightest clue about their actual rights.  The first, a woman I work with, heard on the news about CCW permits around the country and was extremely dismayed when I told her that she would not be allowed one in our area.  It was nice to see the lights start to come on.....

Then I started with the "California has enacted 6 or 7 bits of anti-gun legislation in the last 8 years alone, and in the same period our gun crime went up 34%".  Again, shock that all this necessary legislation actually produced the exact opposite effect than was intended.

The real problem was ignorance, they bought the party line that "Guns are bad, mkay?"

I think we have 3 new converts.

Link Posted: 4/20/2007 6:48:52 AM EDT
One of the most hilariously deranged arguments I've ever heard come from a liberals is that conservatives are cowardly and consumed by fear and terror about terrorism and their fighting it is an expression of such, but liberals' indifference and lack of will to fight terrorism is a sign of courage.

Why are conservatives so afraid?
by kos
Mon Jan 02, 2006 at 11:00:20 AM PDT
When our nation was founded, we had men of real character and courage fighting for their nascent America, one in which liberty and freedom trumped the authorative tendencies of the monarchy. Patrick Henry gave words to those efforts:

Give me liberty or give me death!

My, how far we have fallen, with an administration that parlays the incessant fear of its supporters into increased authoritativeness to the point where he now resembles the very despot we fought in our war of independence.

And his supporters bellow, as they cower under their beds:

Here's our liberties, just spare us from death!

These blowhards pretend they are macho even as they piddle on themselves in abject terror from every "boo!" that comes out of Osama Bin Laden's mouth. They like to speak about how tough they are, even though they send others to fight their battles and couldn't last a day in places like Iraq, or Sudan, or the El Salvador of my youth, or any other war-torn nation.

TBogg says:

Now I may not be as "emotionally or morally sophisticated" as Roger L Simon, but then I didn't spend the afternoon of 9/11 flushing away my beliefs and convictions in a piddle-stained panic. So please spare me the "cojones" and "cowardice" locker room speech from the man who is one car backfire away from turning into a fedora floating in a puddle of pee.

You wanna run into the arms of the big strong steely-eyed rocket man? Be my guest. But when he picks your pocket, steals you car and leaves you high and dry in some cheap motel near Waco, don't come crying to me.

The breathtaking cowardice of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists knows no bounds. They hide behind the American flag and our genuinely brave men and women in uniform. It's bad enough that they wouldn't deign to join the boots in the ground in Iraq. But now they make a mockery of our Constitution, for the very values that motivated our Founding Fathers to put their lives on the line to combat the unchecked powers of the British monarchy.

Link Posted: 4/20/2007 8:26:10 AM EDT
I had an ex that was about as left as you could get.  Trying to bring up the gun subject with her, I asked her if she would rather be shot by a criminal or shoot back.

She said something along the lines of I don't want to use any force.  

W/e.  I dumped her shortly after that.
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