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Posted: 9/1/2004 8:09:13 AM EDT
I never hear much about this rifle, I used to see alot of information about this weapon when it first hit the market, but nobody ever seems to talk about it much anymore.

I always thought it was a well designed rifle and seemed very well made, why was it never that popular. If I remeber the 5.56 model used M16/AR15 magazines and they also made the rifle in 7.62.

What do you guys think about this weapon, I am sure there are people that have handled this rifle and would like to read some feedback.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:11:18 AM EDT
It must not have went over too well, the idf carries m16s. Go figure.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:12:01 AM EDT
yeah, i must admit i don't know much about this gun. it's israeli-made, right?
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:12:57 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:13:50 AM EDT
Lol, the most popular feature about this rifle is the bottle opener, no joke
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:14:13 AM EDT
Yes it was made by IMI, I think the IDF carries the M16 because they got a sweet deal from us on them, I could be wrong.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:14:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/1/2004 8:16:25 AM EDT by warlord]
Its another AK47 variant, along with the Finish Valmets. So it would have the qualities that the AK47 is known for.
IMI makes the Galil. But the reason the IDF is using M16s, is probably because Uncle Sugar gave the Isrealis a bunch of them, and of course, as the old saying goes, "free is better than cheap,"
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:19:04 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/1/2004 8:19:54 AM EDT by 1-75Ranger]
I thought the receivers were based off of the AK design but used m16/ar15 mags. Also I thought it used a gas system that was adjustable (sp) if the weapon became to dirty.

It seems like they took the proven features from several different rifles and combined them in one. It seemed like the perfect battle rifle, but never took off.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:24:03 AM EDT
I think the GALIL [ cal. 5.56mm] is a better rifle than the AR15, the reason it never became popular is because it's not American mfg. and they never imported that many, the parts and acessories are hard to get, it' kind of like the DAEWOO rifle, a good reliable rifle but hard to find parts or accesories.

it's a very well made rifle.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 8:43:41 AM EDT
Geez, go to the Galil board. You guys are all over the place with half truths and ignorance of the weapon.

AK lineage...yes.

AR mags...not without an adaptor

Night sights standard, Three basic versions, AR (no bipod, plastic handguard), ARM (bipod, wood handguard with the cool bottle opener), and SAR 13" bbl, CQB type, there is a Micro but it's not as common as the other three.

.223 mostly, 308 cals do exist but cracking receiver probs with most of the FA 308 ones. Solid milled receiver.

AZEX (we actually build these)
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 10:02:16 AM EDT
Where is a good Galil forum
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 10:06:51 AM EDT
Excellent rifle, but too heavy to be lugging around. yeah, you can open soda pop's with them, but they have to be kosher.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 10:15:39 AM EDT
Valmet and Galil Forum...

Note on weight-----

My 7.62 AR Galil (M331) weighs 9lbs 8ozs with MT 25r steel mag. Same as most FAL's, G3's, and M14's...
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 10:25:58 AM EDT
I believe that it is the standard assault rifle in Colombia... maybe this is why it has the integral coke bottle opener ?
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 10:35:38 AM EDT
Great battle rifle. I had bothe the .223 and the .308 in ARM configuration. Wish I would have kept them both.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 3:28:20 PM EDT
i love my 308 ar in fact if i had to grap 1 gun and head for the hills it would be the one and i have alot of assault/battle rifles ive never heard of cracking 308 recievers can you elaborate
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 3:58:36 PM EDT
I visited an Israeli artillery battlion in the Golan. I made mention of the fact that everyone had a Galil.

I was told that when they had to leave someplace fast they could throw the Galil on board and not break anything.

I do not understand it, but that is what I was told.
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