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Posted: 10/25/2013 6:39:29 PM EDT

real g's up in here.....

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 6:39:53 PM EDT
G spot thread?
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 6:41:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 6:41:39 PM EDT

You rang?

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 6:46:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/25/2013 6:46:21 PM EDT by scrybe]
I got a problem solver, and his name is revolver.

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 6:46:10 PM EDT
I'm so street, every city tries to pave me.

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 6:50:00 PM EDT

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 6:52:26 PM EDT

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:03:16 PM EDT
Woke up quick at about noon just thought thati had to be in Compton soon...

The suspense was making me sick, pulled the panties down and the bitch had a dick

There once was a dog from around the way. Easy. And you should - bitch! Shut the fuck up. Get the fuck out of here.

Yo Mr dope man, you think you are are slick, you sold crack to my sister and now she is sick. If she happens to die from smoking your drug, into your cooler, I put a 38 slug.

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:04:14 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:06:05 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/25/2013 7:06:26 PM EDT by FistPeso]
Crap I thought this was a Glock thread.
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:07:49 PM EDT
And my greatest thrill is to bust my nut in a bitches mouth.

Rubbing belly to belly , rubbing skin to skin fucking like hell but ain't no dick going in.

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:11:58 PM EDT

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:26:24 PM EDT
I found the G spot.

It's in Guam.

G spot (Adults only please)
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:28:05 PM EDT
I guess I'll post the country song I wrote for that other thread...

woke up quick, at about noon
jus' thought that I had to be at the Walmart soon
I gotta get drunk before the day begins
before my mother starts bitchin about ma friends
about to go and damn near went blind
young rednecks at the path rippin’ down stop signs
ran in the house, and grabbed ma AR
wit the 1911 in the side of my car
bailed outside and pointed ma weapon
just as I thought the fools kept steppin’
jumped in the fo' hit the juice on ma ride
I got front back, and side to side
then I let the Kenwood speak for me
Pumpin' ol' shit by the CDB
it was country, country at the top of the list
then I played my own shit and it went somethin' like this
Cruisin down the street in my F150
jockin’ the bitches, slappin some titties
went to Walmart to get the scoop
knuckleheads out there cold, slammin’ some brews
a Truck pulls up, who can it be
a lifted Silverado rollin’ kilo g
he rolled down his window and it was clear to see
its all about pumpin’ that CDB
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:30:38 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By Bohr_Adam:
I'm so street, every city tries to pave me.

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I think you got paved over.

Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:31:13 PM EDT
Oh Shit Son
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:32:58 PM EDT
Cuz the boyz in da hood are always hard. come talking that trash we'll pull your card. knowin' nothin in life but to be legit. don't quote me boy cuz i aint said shit
Link Posted: 10/25/2013 7:38:37 PM EDT
"Punk ass trippin but its all right. Homey scored a key he's gonna fly, punk ass fly"
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