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Posted: 4/27/2001 8:49:06 AM EDT
The Email I sent to PETA  

When I read that you 'people' actually wrote t o mass-murderer Timothy McVeigh, my heart sank in disbelief.
in case you had not noticed, the cracker killed 168 people, wounded scores of others in an attempt to overthrow the US government, or hadn't you heard?
You 'people' need to sit back and take a good look at yourselves. I no doubt feel that you can identify with McVeigh's terroristic self serving idealism, which goes to prove the simple fact that people that are inclined to harm other people really don't have any ideals, they just need a 'cause' to go out and hurt other people. And ya'all weirdo's prove that.
You don't care about people, you just happen to be a group of well organized selfish geeks that really don't give a hoot about humanity.I wonder what the victims and their families must think about your communication with McVeigh. He even sounded amused as well as sympathetic to your cause. He even referred you to his brother in arms, The Unabomber.
Well, the good thing is that he won't be eating anything here  after next month. And ya know this. So what did you really hope to accomplish? Maybe uniting your thugs with his thugs?

The Deer Hunter
P.s. Do you 'people ' use deodorant?
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