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Posted: 8/19/2005 2:04:14 AM EDT

I was Trolling the DUm-DUm’s when I came across this thread.

It was about the third funniest thread I’ve read tonight.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many of the anti-A.N.S.W.E.R. posters there are really 's like myself.

It was hilarious reading posts cursing A.N.S.W.E.R.

Hell must have had very cold snap recently.

For the new people…

Cut and Paste; do not Hot Link.
Link Posted: 8/19/2005 2:56:31 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/19/2005 3:00:19 AM EDT by raven]
ANSWER is the newest face of the remenants of KGB programs to undermine public support for the US and its foreign policy. The mother group, the International Action Committee, are real creeps. They support anyone, ANYONE who opposes America. Saddam, Osama, Castro, Kim Jong-Il, it's all good. Their leader is pals with Saddam Hussein. True believers in a very bad system that's dying out, but there's always fresh blood with the "peace" movement.

The DUmmies find ANSWER so detrimental to their cause they think they're funded by the GOP Only took them 4 years to realize this (ANSWER was formed after 9/11 to oppose any US action to fight terrorism)
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